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Singer Sewing Machine Store
Photo courtesy of

Mr. Jack Swerman, AIA

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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  Bookout's 622 Concord Ave. Dewey Bookout - 1950 - Radio & TV Repair
  Broyle's TV Repair Morton Ave.

(across streed from Speed's Diner)

  ? - 1950's - ? "I used to use their tube tester - really made them mad because I could not afford to buy any new tubes - would test old, found tubes and use the good ones??????"

Thanks to
Joe Grovola,

  Central TV
Melrose Ave. (Sun Village) John Creshine    
  Goodman Radio Service 5th & Penn St.

307 Edgmont Ave. (June 1937)

Bert Goodman ? - 1937 - ? "My father had the first radio and later TV repair business in Chester."
Thanks to Jean Ann G. Winslow, daughter.
  William M. Kellman Appliances 20 E. 7th St. Bill Kellman Mid 1940's - c. 1953 "My father, Bill Kellman, had an electrical appliance store at 20 E. 7th Street, the State Theater Building, from the mid-'40's till around 1953. He called it William M. Kellman Appliances, sold refrigerators and radios & TV's, notably Stromberg-Carlson and Zenith, and furniture. For a while he also carried a home disc recorder, a forerunner of magnetic wire and tape recorders. The theater was on one side, Staskin's Furniture on the other. Going "downtown" by the Red Arrow bus from our home on Pleasant Hill Road in what is now Wallingford was a big thrill for us kids. My dad often let me spend a couple of air-conditioned hours next door in the State Theater on many a sweltering summer day. My grandfather, Benjamin Kelman (one "l",) ran a garage just across 7th Street from my dad's store. Great memories."

Thanks to
Rich Kellman,
Buffalo, NY 
  Larson's Morton Ave. (Sun Village) Jack Larson 1950-  
  Larson's Motorola 21st & Edgmont      
  Modern Electric 4th & Edgmont Ave.


Edgmont Ave. between 5th & 6th St.

Bill & ? Isaacson ? - Late 1940's - 1950's - ? "In the late 1940's early - 1950's this was located on the corner of 4th and Edgmont, diagonally opposite the Stanley Theater. The shop sold appliances and records. It was owned by a couple named Issacson. My brother remembered that the husband's name was Bill, but neither of us remember the wife's name. Our sister, Patricia Lenny worked there. In about the late 1950's they moved further north on Edgmont between 5th and 6th."

 Thanks to
Al Lenny

  N. Much & Sons (Jewelry, Luggage & Appliances) Originally 3rd & Edgmont


417 Market St.


? Much

Nathan Much


9th_edgmont_painters_firestone_christmas.jpg (34817 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Alfonso Sanbe

Robert L. Painter's 9th & Avenue of the States


Robert L. Painter 1937-1974 Founded by Robert L. Painter 1937; closed February 1974 after being sold to Fred Lokoff.

A service department was opened in July 1950 with P.T. Brockwell in charge.

  Radio Electric Welsh at Edgmont Ave., (Next to YMCA)   ? - 1937 - ? "Philco Radios; GE Home Appliances; refrigerators/ radios/ washers & cleaners; ranges" according to their ad in the June 1937 Southern Penn Bus Schedule Book, courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters

SINGER_small.JPG (1661 bytes)
Photo courtesy of
Mr. Jack Swerman, AIA
(Click on the image to see a larger version)

Singer Sewing Machine Store 522 Edgmont Ave.      
  Stern's Electric Appliances & Furniture Edgmont Ave., corner of W 5th St. Oscar E. Olson, store manager (1956) ? - 1956 - ? Thanks to Tom Abrams & 1956 Chester City Directory
  Ted's TV 923 Avenue of the States   - 1975 -  
  Paul Thompson 900 block of Potter St.     "Paul Thompson, formerly an employee of Chester Light Supply, later opened his own radio repair shop in the 900 block of Potter street and was the person who with his brother George did all of the installations and repairs of the Chester police and fire mobile radios. Paul was probably one of the best known TV repair persons in Chester."

Thanks to
Charles E Ripka III


Daniel Wood Shoe Store 141 3rd St. Daniel & Jane Wood ? - 1885 - ? I had originally categorized this as an appliance store based on the sewing machine in the window. However, Daniel's great granddaughter, Dot Wood Ferrari, informs me that it was a shoe store.


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