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  Ben Franklin Electric Supply   Ben Cohen ? - 1950's, 1960's - ? "I remember the Ben Franklin Electric Supply in the 1950's & 1960's. It was owned and run by Ben Cohen. My father, Camillo A. Casciato,  was an electrical contractor and we bought a lot of our supplies from Ben. I was in high school / college and worked with pop in the summers. So I was often the one to go pick up the supplies."

Thanks to
Tony Casciato

  Camillo A. Casciato,
Electrical contractor
Woodlyn, PA Camillo A. Casciato

[Biographical sketch]

1946 - mid 1970's Thanks to
Tony Casciato

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Chester Light Supply 801 Edgmont Ave. (above 7th, next to St. Michael's R. C. Church)

The phone was 21522 
then became TR 2-1522 

Charles Elmer Ripka, Sr., founder

Charles Elmer Ripka, Jr.

Other known employees:

Eddie Christopher (son of John Christopher)
John Christopher

Paul J. Thompson

Each of Charles Jr. & Rose Ripka's children:

Charles III took a professional course in repairing TV's before the beginning of TV's - was at demand for his expertise in the field.

Wallace (Shortly - entered the Air Force)



Ronald (Ron not only played with the Lionel trains on the large display that Dad had - Charles Jr. had set up for Christmas but had his own adult customers who would only allow Ron to wait on them. He was just a young boy, but even at that time had quite a knowledge of trains and also math skills to serve the public.

Two of Rose's nieces did their turn sales:
Jean Moulder
Marilyn Moulder

Mary DeMaio and daughter, Delores DeMaio

Paul Langley - Repair Department (Dad, Charles, helped Paul to learn the service of trains - helping Paul in his recuperation of a serious car injury.

Elizabeth Wrightmeyer

Thanks to
Alice Ritter

c. 1911 or 1912 - c. 1977 Also sold Antiques & Lionel trains

- - -

"Eddie Christopher worked for Chester Light Supply over 16 years, was a survivor of Pearl Harbor (was serving on one of the ships in the Harbor when it was bombed) and was killed in our store in March,1977."

Thanks to
Alice Ritter

"John Christopher was a very long-time employee prior to his retirement at which time his son Eddie came to work for my father."

"Paul Thompson later opened his own radio repair shop in the 900 block of Potter street and was the person who with his brother George did all of the installations and repairs of the Chester police and fire mobile radios. Paul was probably one of the best known TV repair persons in Chester."

Thanks to
Charles E Ripka III

  Delaware County Electric Co. 16-18 E. 5th St.     New building was opened Nov. 1924
  Ben Franklin Electric 31 W. 3rd St.


  - 1960's -  
  Franklin Electric
Edgmont Ave. (near St. Michael's)      
  George F. Reber, Electrical Contractor 2708 Swarts St.


  - 1960's -  
  Reddington Electric        




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