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Broomall's Department Store
Southwest corner of Market Square

Photo courtesy of Delaware County Historical Society & Anne Wiegle

Broomall's Department Store was a landmark in Chester for 79 years, from 1848 until it was torn down in 1927. Market Square in Chester was the business center of that town since the 1850's. The old Market House, which was torn down in 1857, stood in the center of the square. John Martin Broomall, lawyer and statesman, built the structure which subsquently housed the store, after the original frame building was destroyed by fire, calling it the Penn Building. Mr. Broomall divided the building and leased various sections to business people. The remaining part was occupied by a dry-goods business, first run by Richard Stevenson. Stevenson went into partnership with George Broomall, John's brother, in 1856. They soon affiliated with Ellis Smedley, and afterwards George became the sole owner. Later, George's son John Martin Broomall Jr. ran the store. He resigned in 1918, and other owners kept the business until 1927, when the building was demolished.

This history is courtesy of Anne Wiegle who has done extensive research of the Broomall / Broomhall surname. For more information about those names, please click here to visit her website.

(Photo courtesy of the Delaware County Historical Society, Broomall, PA. & Anne Wiegle)


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