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Deshong Park

Deshong Memorial Gallery | Deshong Mansion | Alfred O. Deshong

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Deshong Park Pool, c. 1944

Park History: Upon his death in 1913, Alfred O. Deshong willed his 27-acre estate and mansion to the people of the city of Chester with directions that a building be erected to house his art collection and the estate be made into a public park.

From the 1949 Chester Times Year Book:

"Deshong Park, located near the heart of Chester, covers 23 acres, bounded by Edgmont ave., Chester Creek, Ninth and Twelfth sts. It surrounds the Deshong Mansion and the $100,000 Deshong Memorial art Gallery, completed in 1914 which houses a $250,000 art collection, including the finest ivory collection in America. In the park are four tennis courts, two baseball diamonds, one roque and three quoit courts, a playground and wading pool for children.

"The late Alfred O. Deshong left the estate and park to the city. Valued at $1,000,000, it is administered by Judge Henry G. Sweney, Howard Deshong and Col. J. Edward Clyde, trustees.

"The Deshong Art Gallery is open free to the public from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and all legal holidays except Good Friday."

The continuing story of plans for Deshong Museum, Mansion and Park from the 6/26/2003 Delaware County Daily Times.

Recreation: McClurg Colts c. 1929




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