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Many thanks to Merv Harris, Wallingford, PA, for making this 1887 Chester Directory available to us:

Abbott Henry, bait stable, City Hotel 
Abbott Susan, variety goods, 31 W Third 
Adams Express, J E Black & Bro. agents, 514 Market
Afflick Joseph, farmer, Middletown rd 
AIKLEY JOHN T. sewing machines, 7 E Fifth (see adv)
Algodon Mills, cotton, Barton & Cotton prop's, Caldwell ft Green
Allen John M. physician, 115 E Fourth 
American House, James Harvey, prop. Market opp R R depot
Anstey H. bootmaker, 505 Front 
Arasapha Mills, cotton, A Blakeley & Son prop's, Tenth cor Walnut
Arnold Eli, farm produce, Farmers' Market 
Auter R. B. hairdresser, Edgmont av cor W Third

Bagshaw William, confectioner, Edgmont av n Eighth
Bailey James V. farmer, Middletown rd 
BAKER GEORGE, banker and broker, Market sq
Baker & Hinkson, lumber, coal and fertilizers, Edgmont bel W Third 
BARNARD WILLIAM E. watchmaker and jeweler, 33 W Third, res 326 Edgmont av (see adv next page)
Barrowclough John, furniture and stoves, 603 W Third
Barrowclough Joseph, furniture, 17 W Fifth 
Barton & Cotton, cotton manufacturers, Colwell cor Green
Bashore G. W. merchant tailor, 12 W Third 
Bates Benjamin S. pork butcher, Farmers' Market 
BATES JAMES A. grocery, provisions and confectionery, W Third cor Concord av (see adv next page)
Bates O. S. pork butcher, Farmers' market 
Bauer Baruch, clothier, W Third cor Edgmont 
Beatly John C. edge tool manuf’r, Front n Market
Beatty John, farmer, Sneath's corner
Bechtel Anthony, stoves and tinware, 6 W Third
Bell T J Mrs. dressmaker, 305 Market 
Bell Theodore J. produce, Farmers' market
Bergdoll Lewis, farmer, Chester Creek rd
Berry Richard, farm produce, Farmer's market
Berry Thomas, billiards, Washington Hotel 
Berry Washington, oysters, Front cor Fulton 
BERSTLER J C. city treasurer, 137 W Third, residence 715 W Seventh 
BICKLEY M H. druggist, 401 Market (see adv. page 3)
Bickta D & Co. hides and wool, Edgmont av ab W Third
Biggins Michael, tailor, 219 Penn 
Birth J W. photographer, 404 1/2 Market 
Birtwell T. & H B. iron and waste, 6th ab Welsh
Black J E. & Brother, grocers, 514 Market 
Blakeley A. & Son, cotton manufacturers, Tenth cor Walnut
Blakeley William, plumber and hardware, 129 W Third
Boatwright W C. carpenter, opp R R freight depot
Bonner Mrs. boots and shoes, Welsh n Seventh 
Booth Isaac, notions and trimmings, 224 Pennell
Booth Thomas, dry goods, 1011 Edgmont av 
BOOZER CHARLES H. sewing machines, 24 W Third (see adv opp title page) 
Borden C M. tobacconist, 503 W Second 
Borden H H. segar manufacturer, 312 Market
Bostic Annie, dressmaker, Stokes' ship yd 
BOTTOMLEY GEORGE, dealer in manufacturers' supplies, belting, hardware, pocket and table cutlery &c. 607 Edgmont av.(see adv) 
Bottomley Samuel, painter, Eighth cor Upland
Bowen A. A. grocer, Townsend, S Chester
Bower Andrew J. hairdresser. 533 Market
Bowers Frederick, hair dresser, 147 W Third
Boyce Brothers, bottlers, 22 W Second 
Brackenridge James, stoves and tin ware, 803 Edgmont av
Bradley Brothers, ice and coal, Second ab Penn 
Bramall William A, coal, Front cor Engle, S Chester
Brandeis Hermann, clothier, 300 Market
Brandeis Simon, clothier, 402 Market 
Branin Isaac p, carriage builder, E Fifth cor Welsh 
Brierley Joshua, saloon, 1003 and crockery 1005 Edgmont av
Broadbelt Henry, pork butcher, Farmers' market
Brooks John, harness maker, 315 Market
Brooks William, restaurant, 608 Front 
Broomall John M, dry goods, 304 Market
Brunswick Elias, dry goods, W Third cor Edgmont av
Buck Robert, grocer, 401 W Third
Buck William, grocer, W Fourth cor Concord av 
BUNTING DAVID S, wholesale and retail dealer in all varieties of lumber, coal and lime, Edgmont av cor R R depot 
Burgess Thomas, painter, W Third cor Penn 
BURKE THOMAS A. wholesale and retail provision dealer, N Ward market (see adv
Burns James, painter. Edgmont av cor W Fourth
Byram Joseph, woolens, Jeffrie, S Chester

Caldwell George, farmer, Sneath's corner
Carter Abram, farmer, Carterville
Carter Edward, farmer, Carterville
Carter Gillead, farmer, Carterville 
Carter Paul B. lawyer, 25 Market.
CASSEL DANIEL K. sewing machines, 151 W Third (see adv)
Cattell George W. stoves and tinware, 131 W Third
Cattenn Sarah J. confectionery, 127 W Third
Chadwick Robert, wheelwright, 429 W Third
Chadwick & Moors, cloth manufacturers, r 615 Welsh
Cheetham James, milk dealer, 1010 Madison . 
Chester Academy, George Gilbert principal, 433 and 435 Broad
CHESTER ADVOCATE, John Spencer, prop. 519 Edgmont av [cor Parker
Chester City Mills, cotton and woolen, Lilley & Co, prop'rs, Front
Chester City Sugar Refinery, Watson & Fulsom, prop's, ft Market
CHESTER EVENING NEWS, W. A. Todd, editor and publisher, 404 Market 
Chester Lodge, A Y M. 236, meets Thursdays on or before full moon, at Market cor E Third 
CHESTER PILOT, published every Saturday, J. Mullen & Co. propr's, Ladomus bl W Third
Chester & Philadelphia Steamboat Co. J. & C. D. Pennell, agents, Sharpless' wharf 
Chew E. H. sewing machines, 409 W Third
Christ Theodore S. physician, 231 E Fifth 
CITY HOTEL, Paul Klotz, propr. W Third cor Edgmont
Clancy Michael, boots and shoes, 108 W Third
Clark John, carpet weaver, 915 Walnut 
Clay John, dry goods and grocery, 430 W Third 
CLOUD ENOS F. hardware, paints, oils and glass, 628 W Third (see adv)
Cloud Stephen, jr. boots and shoes, 28 W Third 
Clyde J. E. boots and shoes, 421 Market, also Alderman, E Fifth ab Market 
Cobourn George, farmer, Sneath's corner
Cochran J. R. grocer, Market cor E Fifth 
Cochran John, real estate, Penn bdg. 304 Market
Collins James, boots and shoes, 402 Broad 
COLLINS THOMAS, boots and shoes, Marcus Hook (see adv)
Columbia House, Thomas Appleby, prop. Market cor Fifth
Conliffe George, farmer, Concord rd 
Connolly J S. & Co. boots and shoes, 102 W Third
Copple Henry, truckman, Farmers' market 
Cooper Daniel M. dry goods and groceries, 624 W. Third
COPPOCK ABNER, farmer, Concord rd
Coppock Israel, farmer, Carterville 
Cornog Mattie R. dressmaker 727 Green
Cornog S. millinery, Third S Chester 
Corson D. & ,Co. ship builders, Front ft Franklin
COX CROSBY M. grocer, E Fourth cor Morton ave (see adv)
Coyle Thomas, bottler 1204 W Second 
Coyne George S. & Co. chemical manufacturers Sharpless' wharf
Craft Isaac L. painter, Kerlin n W Third
Craig Susan M. fancy goods, 400 Broad
Creamer Charles, produce, Farmers' market
Cross J. & Daughter, jewelers, 104 W Third
Crowther Edward, grocery and notions, 232 Fourteenth 
Crozer Theological Seminary, S A Crozer, pres. H G Jones, AM., sec., Henry G Weston, president, Upland
Cunliffe John, confectioner, Fourteenth cor Walnut

Davenport William, candy and fruit, 311 Market
Davidheiser Henry, tobacconist, 16 W Fourth
Deering Joseph, dry goods, 21 W Third 
Delahunt Edward, grocer, Seventeenth and city limits
DELAWARE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, published every Wednesday, W Cooper Talley, editor and prop., Lincoln hall, W Fourth cor Market
Delaware County National Bank, Edmund Pennell, pres.; C Emlen, .cash., W Third cor Market
DELAWARE COUNTY REPUBLICAN, issued every Friday, Y. S. Walter, prop. 300 Market
Delaware House, Daniel Brown prop. 224 Penn 
Delaware River Iron Ship Building and Engine Works, John Roach, pres.; William Parker, treas.; John B. Roach, sec., 715 Front 
Derbyshire C. ship builder, Lamokin n Delaware av 
Derrickson Phineas P. boots and shoes, 619 Edgmont av
Deshong Alfred O. quarry, Edgmont opp Liberty
Deshong Clarence, quarry, Edgmont opp Liberty
Deshong John O. jr. quarry, Edgmont opp Libcrty 
Dickinson James, crockery, 21 W Fourth
Dickinson William H. lawyer, 504 Market 
DOLPHIN JAMES, boots and shoes, 419 Market (see adv next page
Dolton William, tobacconist, 123 W Third 
Dougherty Sarah, dressmaker, 417 W Third 
Doyle Thomas C, grocer, W Second cor Flower
Dughorn C. A. butcher, Farmers' market 
Dutton Jonathan, farmer, at Dutton's Mills
Dutton Samuel, bootmaker, 25 W Fourth
Dwyer M. florist, W Third n S Chester
Dyer John G. real estate, 11 E Fifth

Earnshaw Thomas, carpet weaver, 932 Mechanic
Eaves John, farmer, Middletown rd 
Edwards Joseph, bottler, 510 W Second 
Edwards Joseph J. florist, E Ninth cor Madison 
Eggfeld Joseph, farmer, Providence rd N Chester 
Electric Line, steamers, E. B. Taggart, agent, Sharpless' wharf
Elliott George, dry goods and groceries, Flower cor Catharine S Chester 
EMLEN SAMUEL, att.orney-at-law, 506 Market
Engle Joseph, farmer, Sneath's Corner 
Ensign Linus, sewing machines, 5241/2 Market and 104 W Third
Entwisle John L. painter, 229 Penn 
Entwisle Joseph, alderman, 225 Penn 
Evans John H. farmer, Middletown rd 
Evans William B. grocery and provisions, 1213 Edgmont av
Eves William H. grocer. Edgmont av cor Twelfth 
Ewing George W. tobacconist, 539 Market

Fairlamb Brothers, sash and blinds, Sixth cor Madison 
Fairlamb N. W. furniture dealer and undertaker, 512 Market
Farraday Martin, carpet weaver, 330 Edgmont av
Fawley Annie, confectioner, 27 W Third
Fellows James, veterinary surgeon, 517 Market
Fennell William, butcher, Farmers' market
Ferguson A. Mrs. milliner, 209 Penn
Fielding William, oysters, 705 Welsh
Fielding & Burke, painters, Edgmont av n R R track
FINEGAN, T. D. & co. flour and feed, 523 Market
First National Bank of Chester, John Larkin, jr. pres.; William Taylor, cash.; 408 Market 
Firth Edward, meat market, 925 Edgmont av 
FISHER THEOPHILUS J. boots and shoes, 205 W Third (see adv) , 
Flavill Jane Mrs. millinery, 25 W Third 
FLAVILL WILLIAM H. city surveyor, also conveyancer, 10 W Fifth
Flemmings Hannah, farmer, near Todmorden 
FLORENCE SEWING MACHINES, John T. Aiklcy, agent, 5 E Fifth (see adv) 
Flower Charles, farmer, Carterville
Flower John, farmer, Carterville 
Flower William G. farmer, Carterville 
Ford Franklin. farm produce, Farmers' market
Foreaker & Atkins, grocers, 218 Penn 
Forwood C. W. farm produce, Farmers' market
Forwood J. F. M. physician, 10 W Third
Forwood J. L. mayor, Post Office bdg. and physician, Front c Penn
Fox Mary B. candy, 605 Green
Friger Constantine, boot maker, Edgmont av cor Fifteenth
Fryer James, stoves and tinware, 145 W Third 
Friecker Jacob, hairdresser, W Third cor Market

Gallagher John, tobacconist, Edgmont av n Eighth
Gamble James, farmcr, Middletown rd. 
Gardner James, confectioner and baker, 313 Market
Gartside Benjamin & Sons, woolen mill, ft Fulton
Gartside John, woolen mill, Penn cor W Fifth
Garvine Norris, bootmaker, 628 Front 
Gerard Blaize, farm produce, Farmers' market
Gettz George, truckman, Farmers' market
Gilfillan James, clothier, 403 Market 
Goeltz George, soap and tallow, 313 Edgmont av
Goff Henry, oyster saloon, 125 W Third
GOFF JOHN, fish, Farmers' market
Goff John jr. fish, Farmers' market 
Goff Lena, millinery, 11 W Third
GOFF MARY ANN, prop'r Steamboat hotel, John Goff manager, 1 Market (see adv)
Goff Peter, tobacconist, 113 W Third
Graham Walter H. meat market, W Third cor Kerlin
Gray D. M. butcher, Farmers' market 
Gray W. C. revenue collector, insurance and real estate agent, Ladomus block, W Third . 
Grayden Sarah A. grocery, 212 E Ninth
Green Peter W. farmer, Concord rd 
Green T. F. farm produce, Farmers' market 
GREEN WILLIAM H. iron and brass valves and cocks, 529 Market, works Delaware riv. ft Reany, S Chester (see adv next p
Greenwood William, candy, 704 Morton av 
Gregg Nathaniel, grocer, Market cor W Second
Griffiths J. W. farm produce, Farmers' market

Haas Sebastian, furniture 222 Market
Hall John, meat market, 130 E Ninth 
Hall Robert & Son, cotton manufacturers, Third cor Franklin
Hall Samuel, farm produce, Farmers' market
Hall & Baker, trimmings, 305 Market
Hamilton Archibald, grocer, 727 Morton ave 
Hammond S A Mrs. millinery 700 Edgmont av 
Hampson James, furniture and stoves, Market cor W Fifth
Hanbey Lewis, boot maker, 417 Concord av 
Hanby William, farm produce, Farmers' market
Hannon William, farm produce, Farmers' market 
Hannum R A. farmer, Shoemakerville, N Chester
Hannum Robert E. lawyer, 8 W Fifth 
Hardy Frances Mrs. confectioner, 1007 Edgmont av
Hardy Isaac, dry goods, 122 E Ninth. 
Harpur Alexander, queensware 8 W Third 
Harvey Elwood, jr. coal, flour and feed, Broad cor Morton av
Harvey Orlando, lawyer, 210 W Third
Harvey William J. 11 E Fifth 
Harwick Mills, cotton manufacturers, Hay bel Delaware av
Hawley John, baker, 923 Edgmont av 
Headley & Mahon, city express, 607 Second 
Healey George C., agent steamer “City of Chester" 137 W Third
Heathcote J. boot maker, 512 Front
Henderson Alexander, city express, Fifth cor Madison
Hibberd John, lawyer, National hall bdg 
Hinkson C.&F. J. jr, tanners and curriers, Edgmont av. Ab W Third
Hinkson Edward E. building inspector, Post Office bdg 
HINKSON JOHN B. attorney-at law, Penn bdg 304 Market (see adv)
Hinkson & Smedley, dry goods and groceries, Market sq cor E Third 
Hoffman Andrew, hair dresser, 9 E Fourth
Holdsworth William, carriage builder, Edgmont cor Twelfth
Holland Thomas, butcher, Farmers' market
Holt Amos, clothier, 418 Market 
Holt Amos Mrs. confectionery and toys, 418 .Market
Holt Joseph, alderman, 933 Morton av 
Honan Michael, excavator, Front cor Fulton
Horne Edward, florist, Third ab Colwell
Horne Joseph P. florist, 629 W Third
HORNING GEORGE, meat market, W Second cor Parker (see adv) 
Howard George W. grocer, 531 Welsh 
Howard Jeremiah H. bootmaker, 233 Market
Howarth Robert, druggist; 508 Market 
“HOWE” SEWING MACHINE, W. F. Ross, agent 106 W Third
Hughes James, grocer, Market sq 
Hunter Joseph S. wheelwright, Eighth cor Upland 
Hurd Frederick N. hair dresser, Edgmont av cor W Fifth 
HYATT THEO. COL. principal Pennsylvania Military Academy, Fourteenth (see adv)

Irving James, woolen mills, Ridley's creek N Chester
Irving & Leiper, cotton mill, Front cor Franklin

James E. M. & E. F. stationers, 522 Market 
James Eber, dry goods and groceries, National hall bdg W Third
Jefferis H. Mrs. dressmaker, 906 Upland 
Jerome James, cotton mills, Jeffrie, S Chester 
Johnson D. M. district attorney and lawyer, 104 W Third
Johnson Joseph, farm produce, Farmers' market
Johnson W. W. physician, 326 W Second 
Johnson Wilberforce, provisions, 1001 Edgmont av
Jones Charles W. tobacconist, 22 W Fifth 
JONES EDMUND, real estate and conveyancer, Market sq (see adv
Jones Edward, produce, Farmers' market
Jones James, truckman, Farmers' market 
Jones Lewis, farm produce, Farmers' market
Jones S. S. farm produce, Farmers' market
Jones Samuel, farmer, Middletown rd

KERLIN JOHN H. druggist, S W cor Third and Penn (see adv)
Kershaw Jonathan, restaurant 608 Morton av 
King William C. grocer, Edgmont av ab Seventh
King & Davis, painters, 520 Edgmont av 
Kirk John, farm produce, Farmers' market 
Kirkman James, woolens, Hayes cor Delaware, S Chester

Ladomus Joseph, watchmaker and jeweler, 320 Market
Lamb William H. hatter, 16 W Third 
Lamokin House, Edward O'Donnell, Third S Chester 
Larkin Aaron, farm produce, Farmers' market
Larkin Benjamin, farm produce, Farmers' market
Larkin Charles C. cotton mill, Potter cor Seventh
Larkin Francis, flour and feed, Sixth cor Pine
Larkin I. E. farm produce, Farmers' market 
LARKIN L. M. dry goods, grocery and hardware, Broad cor Upland 
Larkin Nathan, stoves and house furnishing, E Ninth cor Upland
Layton & Lilley, cotton manufacturers, Front cor Franklin
Lazar Simon, clothier, 110 W Third 
Lear William, bootmaker, E Fifth n Madison 
Ledward J. & Son, cotton and woolen mills, Ledward cor Morton avenue 
Lees James, fancy goods, 208 E Ninth 
Lenny Charles E. boots and shoes, 520 Market 
LEVIS PANCOAST, superintendent, Farmers' market
Lewis Frank, tobacconist, 708 Morton av 
Lewis & Parker, cotton manufacturers, E Third cor Morton av
Lighter Walter C. farmer, Concord rd 
Lilley Edward, sealer of weights and measures for Delaware county, 119 Kerlin 
Lilly Alfred R. druggist, 220 E Ninth 
Lindsay John, farm produce, Farmers' market
Lister James, meat market, 901 Upland
Lister James, jr. butcher, Farmers' market
Litle Eliza, variety goods, 33 E Second 
LITZENBERG SIMON, architect, Market cor W Fourth
Lodge Henry, farm produce, Farmers' market 
LOGAN SAMUEL B. paper hanger, 22 W Fourth (see adv)
Logan William, candy, 600 Larkin 
Longbottom Charles, butcher, Farmers' market 
Longbottom James, carpet weaver, Edgmont av n W Third
Loughead H. A. Mrs. fancy goods, 524 Market
Love Thomas, boots and shoes, 406 Market 
Lownes & Holdsworth, carriage builders, Edgmont av cor Twelfth
Lucius H. Scott Lodge, A. Y. M. 352, meets every Thursday after full moon at Market cor E Third 
Lukens Abram C. farmer, Middletown rd

Mace Jeremiah, butcher, Farmers' market
Maddock Israel, farmer, Concord rd 
Madgin Bella S. dressmaker, 307 Edgmont av
Maginn James V. lawyer, 609 Edgmont av 
Maginn & Son, booksellers and photographers, 609 Edgmont av
Mallin James, grocer, W Second cor Kerlin 
Maris Mary, farmer, n Upland
Marshall Abraham, produce, Farmers' market 
Marshall Sarah, fancy goods, Welsh cor Seventh 
MARTIN WILLIAM H. post master, Post Office bdg, Market
Massey James, engineer and machinist, E Fifth n Upland 
Maxson John jr. cotton manufacturer, Green cor McElvain
McAldon Joseph, grocer, W Sixth cor Concord av
McCall Robert, butcher, Farmers' market
McCall Thomas, farmer, Middletown rd 
McCall William, general store, Shoemakerville
McCarthy John, farmer, Middletown rd 
McCartney Elizabeth J. fancy goods, 126 E Ninth
McCay James, farmer, Sneath's cor
McClelland William, boots and shoes, 20 W Third 
McCracken George, butcher, Farmers' market
McCREA THOMAS S. music and musical instruments, 319 Market (see adv page 2 inside front cover) 
McDade James, carpenter, Edgmont av cor W Fourth
McDevitt William, marble works, E Fifth n Madison
McDonald Peter C. dyer and scourer, 17 E Fourth 
McDowell J. & Son, coal, Front cor Morton S Chester 
McFeeters John. fancy goods, 215 Market 
McHenry Francis, grocer, 407 W Third
McIlvain Henry, stone, 514 Broad 
McKinley James H. paper hanger, Edgmont av cor W Fourth
McLaughlin Daniel, tobacconist, 709 Edgmont av 
McLean & Murray, notions, and trimmings, 700 W Third
McNeal Henry, farm produce, Farmers' market
McVey William, dry goods, 737 Edgmont av
Mechanics' Reading Rooms, 13 W Third
Mercer R. P. physician, 221 W Third 
Merchants' and Manufacturers' Line of Freight Steamers, daily, George C. Healey, agent, 137 W Third 
Miles & Son, groceries and provisions, 228 E Fifth
Miller B. F. truckman, Farmers' market 
Miller Richard, merchant tailor, 516 Market 
MILLER WILLIAM, horse shoer, 8th n Edgmont av (see ad)
Mills Samuel, bootmaker, 206 Market 
Mills Simeon, grocery and dry goods, 922 Mechanic
Minshall W. A. & Son, undertakers, 24 E fourth 
Mirkil Thomas H. stationery and wall paper 309 Market
Mitchell George, grocer, Lamokin, S Chester
Mitchell John A. hats and caps, 26 W Third
Mitchell William, fancy goods, 707 Front 
Mohawk Mills, cotton and woolen, Robert Hall & Son, prop's. W Third cor Franklin
Molloy Dennis, candy, 241 Market
Monroe T. G. dentist, 406 Market 
MONROE WILLIAM H. dentist, 409 Market (see adv)
Montgomery & Co. cotton mills, Third, S Chester
Moore J. W. dentist, 4 W Fifth 
Moore Thomas, hardware; 23 W Third 
Morgan Jesse J. hats and gents' furnishing, 222 E Ninth
Morris Benjamin, restaurant, 308 Market
Morris Charles J. oysters, 15 Market
Morris John, grocer, 23 E Second 
Morrison Susan Mrs. confectioner, 243 Market
Morton Charles J. physician, 731 Edgmont av 
Morton, Black & Bro. coal, lumber and planing mill, Chester dock
Moseley Reuben, grocer, 413 Concord av
Muir John, fish, 117 W Third 
MULLEN J. & CO. proprietors Chester Pilot, Ladomus block, W Third
Mullen John, farmer, n Morgan's station 
Munday Peter, produce, Farmers' market 
Munshower John R. confectioner, 15 W Third
Murphy John, grocer, 639 Upland

Nathans Samuel G. auctioneer, 302 Market
National Hall, W Third cor Edgmont av 
Needham Martin, toys and fancy goods, 317 Market 
Neeson Edward, boots and shoes, Third cor Lamokin S Chester
Neidt H. C. soap and candles, Second South Chester
Nelling Peter farm produce, Farmers' market 
Newlin Joseph, farm produce, Farmers' market
Norton Thomas P. organ builder 323 W Third
Nothnogla William, butcher, Farmers' market
Nugent Lorenzo, grocer, Market cor E Second
Nutnagle William, butcher, 203 Penn 
Nutt David, farm produce, Farmers' market

Ogden Thomas, carpet weaver, 10 E Third
Oglesby & Brother, bakers, 214 E Ninth 
Oliver Henry, livery stable, E Fifth n Market
O'Neill John, packing cases, Front cor Fulton
O'Neill Mary C. millinery, Ninth cor Edgmont av
Ormsby George W. farm produce, Farmers' market
O'Rourke Mary, grocer, Lamokin S Chester
Ott Henry, saloon, Lincoln hall, Market 
Ottey J Wesley, provisions, North Ward market
Owen Joshua, physician, 326 Edgmont av
Owens William, butcher, Farmers' market

Packpood John, plumber, 10 W Fourth 
Palmer Lewis, farm produce, Farmers' market 
Pancoast Thomas, farm produce, Farmers' market 
Pardoe & Donaldson, conveyancers, Market cor W Fourth
Parkinson Thomas, grocer, 602 Morton av 
Pascall Joseph, farm produce, Farmers' market 
Patterson R. & Co., cotton mills, W Sixth cor Penn
Paynter George, candy, 124 Ninth 
Pearson R. B. Mrs. dry goods and trimmings, 528 Market
Pell William & Son, grocers, 909 Upland 
Pendergast John, dry goods and groceries, 601 W Second
Pennell J. & C. D. lumber and coal, 314 Edgmont av
PENNSYLVANIA MILITARY ACADEMY, Col Theo. Hyatt, president, (see adv) 
Pflieder Gustavus, butcher, Farmers' market 
Philadelphia und Chester Steamboat Co., J. & C. D. Pennell; agents, Lamokin wharf 
Phoenix Mills, woolen, John Maxson, jr., prop. Green 
Pickott Reynolds, produce, Farmers' market
Pierce William W. carpet weaver, 1017 W Third
Pierce & Mercer, carpenters, 218 Concord av 
Pike Anna, tobacconist, 8 W Second
Pike Isaiah, carpenter, 8 W Second
Pike Mary Mrs. grocer, 239 Market
Poit Henry, fish, Farmers' market 
Poley Cyrus S. druggist, Market sq 
Pollitt John, queensware, 524 W Third
Pope Yared, hair dresser, 704 W Third 
Potter William, carpet weaver, 638 Morton av 
Powell Henry L. quarry and farmer, Providence rd 
Powell Joseph, fish, Farmer's market
Powhattan Mills, cotton and woolen, Shaw &. Esrey, prop.'s W Fourteenth and W Fifteenth
Preston C. physician, 219 E Fifth
Price S. & W. brick manufacturers, W Fifth cor Fulton
Price Stephen, blacksmith, W Fourth n Market
Pritchard Joseph, merchant tailor, 245 Market
Pugh Samuel L. carpenter, Sixth cor Madison
Pullen William D. tobacconist, 321 Market
Pyewell Jacob, watchmaker, 703 Edgmont av

Quinn David, livery stable, 517 Market

Race James, dry goods and groceries, 715 Upland
Ramsdale George, grapery, Middletown rd
Ramsey Ellen, provisions, 915 Walnut 
Randle & Dutton, lumber and coal, 135 W Third 
Rawnsley Ramsden, marble works, Edgmont av n Eighth
Reed Hannah Mrs. fancy goods, 19 W Third 
Rees Isaac, dry goods and groceries, 202 E Ninth
Rhodes Mary J. Miss, millinery, 403 W Third
Richmond II. Mrs. fancy goods, 141 W Third
Riddle George S. grocer, 516 Madison 
Rigby G. W. farm produce, Farmers' market 
Riverview Mills, cotton, Charles Roberts. prop'r, ft Fulton
Roberts Howard, livery stable, 114 E Fifth
ROBERTS & COPPOCK, flour, feed, grain and hay, W Third cor Concord av 
Rogers Elizabeth Mrs. millinery, 518 Market
Ross Daniel. tobacconist, 702 W Third 
ROSS W. F. agent, "Howe" sewing machine, 106 W Third
Roth Francis, baker, 307 W Third
Rowan Archibald, grocer, 747 Mary 
Rulon Henry, watchmaker, 115 W Third
Rumford Sarah grocery, W 402 Third

Sager Stephen D. carpenter and builder, Market sq cor E Third
Sample Hugh, farmer, Shoemakerville
Saunders Joseph, books, stationery and tobacco, 116 W Third
Scanlan Sarah Mrs. dry goods, 405 Market 
Schlegel Conrad, meat market, 626 W Third
Schofield William, grocer, 134 E Ninth
Schureman William M. stoves and tinware, 306 Market
Semple Robert, grocer, 1101 Potter
Sharpless George, farm produce, Farmers' market
Sharpless J. M. & Co. dye stuffs, Sharpless' wharf
Sharpless John M. farmer, Middletown rd 
Shaw & Esrey, cotton mills, Upland road, N Chester
Sheaff George W. produce, Farmers' market
Shepard William, candy, 1218 W Second 
Sherwood Mills, cotton goods, Delaware av cor Jeffrie
Shoemaker W. T. flour and feed, 201 E Fifth 
SINGER SEWING MACHINES, E. C. Zimmerman, agent, 307 Market (see adv preceding page
Singleton Robert, stoves and tinware, 522 W Third 
Slack M. & H. B. groceries and dry goods, 501 Front
Smalls Frederick, bootmaker, Walnut ab Tenth
Smedley Ellis, dry goods, 13 W Third
Smith Edward C. grocer, 526 Market 
Smith George, confectionery, 621 W Third
Smith J. Q. Mrs. millinery and fancy goods, 109 W Third
Smith James Q. sewing machines, 109 W Third
Smith Mary Mrs. confectionery, 423 W Second
Smith Robert, carpet weaver, 308 E Fifth 
Smith Samuel B. farm produce, Farmers' market 
Smith & Keel, dry goods and groceries, W Third cor Penn 
South Ward Water Works, H. C. Eyre, supt., 210 W Third
Speakman & Coates, coal and lumber, Front cor Concord
Springer Daniel, farmer, Middletown rd 
Springer George W. produce, Farmers' market 
Stansfield Joseph, farm produce, Farmers' market
Stanton William, furniture, 805 Edgmont av
Starr S. physician, 219 E Fifth 
STEAMBOAT HOTEL, Mary Ann Goff, prop. 1 Market (see adv)
Stevenson Samuel H. ship builder, ft Lamokin, S Chester
Stewart John, bootmaker, 12 E Second 
Stewart Peter, butcher, Farmers' market 
STILWELL & GENTHER, harness makers, 527 Market
Stirlith E. W. junk, 227 Penn
Stitlar D. H. butcher, Farmers' market 
Stoever Jacob M. druggist, 105 W Third
Stokley Mary, fancy goods, 213 W Third 
STORY CHARLES A. & SON, tobacconists, 407 Market (see adv) . 
Stroud John H. & Co., sash and blinds, Front cor Concord
Strouse Michael, boots and shoes, 310 Market
Sweeten, William D. blacksmith, 112 Franklin

Tall Thomas A. sail maker Fulton st wharf 
Taylor Edward jr. carpet weaver, 1111 Edgmont av
Taylor Enos S. oysters and produce, 121 W Third 
TAYLOR H. B. hardware, agricultural implements and seeds, 103 W Third (see adv
Taylor Isaac, grocer, 1200 W Second 
Taylor James, hair dresser, E Fifth ab Market 
Taylor Joseph, groceries and house furnishing goods, 400 Market
Taylor Joseph, surveyor, National Hall building
Taylor R. S. Capt. farmer, Concord av 
Taylor W. & E. C. carriage builders, Sixth c Pine 
Taylor William B. grocery and provisions, 701 Green
Thatcher Enos, flour and feed, 411 Concord av 
THOMPSON CHARLES C. druggist W Third c Howard and W Third c Morton, S Chester
Thompson Domingo C, grocer, W Third cor Flower S Chester
Thompson & Cutler, grocers, 630 W Third 
Thomson Daniel B. tobacconist, Ninth cor Edgmont av 
TODD WILLIAM A. propr "Chester Evening News," stationer and general news depot, 404 Market 
Trimble Stephen, M. farmer, Middletown rd 
Turner & Bolton, plumbers and gasfitters, 304 Edgmont av
Turnpenny John W. barber, 500 W Second 
Tuscarora Hall, W Fifth

Uhlenbrock Anton, saloon, 247 Market 
Ulrich William B, physician and druggist, Edgmont cor E Ninth

Van Benthusen Alice, dressmaker, 403 Market 
Vernon William G. farm produce, Farmers' Market 
VICTOR SEWING MACHINES, D. K. Cassel, agt, 151 W Third (see adv)
Victoria Mills, cotton goods, Penn cor W Fifth 
Volkhardt John, grocer, 914 Upland
VULCAN WORKS, William H. Green propr, iron and brass founder, Delaware river, ft. Reany, S Chester (see ad)

Waddell Joseph H. meat market, 405 W Third
Waderlich George, butcher, Farmers' market
Walker John, farm produce, Farmers' market 
Walker Joseph, grocer, Jeffrie n Second, S Chester
Wallan David H. hairdresser, 6 W Fifth 
WALTER Y. S. editor and propr "The Delaware County Republican," also printer, 300 Market 
Ward William, bootmaker, 407 W Third
Ward & Broomall, lawyers, Market sq 
Warner Thomas, bootmaker, W Fourth n Market
Warren Samuel, boots and shoes, 12 W Fourth 
Washington Hotel, Henry Abbott, jr. prop. 413 Market
Watson Thomas, blacksmith, 119 E Fifth 
Weaver George W. boots and shoes, 314 Market
Weaver William, farmer, Shoemakerville
Webb Bella M. millinery, 529 Welsh 
Webb George, bleacher, 529 Welsh
Webb J. dry goods, 111 E Tenth 
Webb & Cornog, dressmakers, 529 Welsh 
Webster Caleb, farm produce, Farmers' market 
WEED FAMILY FAVORITE SEWING MACHINE, Charles H. Boozer, agent, 24 W Third (see adv opp title page) 
Weidner Charles A. prop Chester Iron works, and boat builder, foot Market 
Wells S. M. butcher, Farmers' market 
Welser Benjamin B. bootmaker, 402 W Third
Welser E. Mrs. dry goods 425 W Third
Wesley Mary E. dressmaker, 235 Market
West William, farmer, n Upland 
Western Union Telegraph Co. George H. Brown, manager, Market cor W Fourth 
Wetherill John, farmer, N Chester 
Wetherill, Whildey & Co. engineers and boiler makers, Sixth cor Upland 
Wheaton A. H. collector of taxes, 40 W Second
Wheeler Joseph, candy, 120 E Fifth 
WILLCOX E. J. iron and steel, cor Edgmont av and Welsh, n R R depot, h 510 Market (see adv) 
Wilde John, grocer, 249 Market 
Wilkins & Barret, flour and feed, n Thurlow station 
William Penn Mills, cotton yarns, Rhoades & Bell, prop's, Edgmont av cor W Second 
Williams Charles, grocer, E Second cor Welsh
Williams James E. farmer, Concord rd
Williams John C. grocer, 301 Market sq 
Williams Joseph H. hairdresser, 706 Morton av 
Williams Redmond, farm produce, Farmers' market
Williams T. T. farm produce, Farmers' market
WILLIAMS WILLIAM N. meat market, Morton av next to public school 
Williams & Hill, carpenters. Sixth n Mechanic
Wilson Andrew J. oysters, 126 W Third 
Wilson David, confectioner, Third S Chester
Wilson John, candy, 121 Kerlin
Wirlow Benjamin, farm produce, Farmers' market
Wohnus John M. baker, Edward cor Catharine
Wood John, butcher, Farmers' market
Wood John, dyer, Upland cor Seventh 
Wood William S. taxidermist, 418 W Third
Wrigley Wright, notions and trimmings, 203 W Third

Yarnall N. L. cotton manufacturer, Flower cor Delaware av
Yeadon Mills, woolen, Denis, Anderson & Co. prop'rs, E Tenth n Upland 
Young Men's Christian Association, 304 Market

Zebley Lewis A. flour and feed, 107 W Third
ZIMMERMAN E. C. sewing machine agent and music dealer, 307 Market (see adv
Zook H. M, bookseller, Market cor W Fourth

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