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12/14/2005 Many thanks to Jim King, Sanford, NC, for sharing some pictures of William Penn Elementary and Pulaski Jr. High School with us from his August 2005 visit to Chester.
11/29/2005 Once again we thank Alfonso Sanbe for sharing another classic Chester picture, the intersection of 9th & Edgmont Ave. including Painter's Appliance store, the sign and a little of the Firestone store, and some of the Christmas decorations that so many have mentioned here in their recollections. While you're on that page, be sure to add your Christmas recollections too!
11/11/2005 Another photo from Alfonso Sanbe's collection added today - the PNB Branch bank at 11th & Madison St., which currently houses the offices of the Chester Housing Authority.
10/17/2005 Many thanks to Alfonso Sanbe for sharing allot of information and a number of Chester pictures from his collection. Added today are pictures of the Franklin Hotel, Alfonso Sanbe's Grocery Store at 407 W. 3rd St., and pictures illustrating the famous story of Nixon stopping his 1960 Presidential Campaign parade through Chester to go up to John J. McClure's front porch to shake his hand.
Stay tuned for more pictures from Mr. Sanbe's collection!
10/9/2005 Many thanks to Mike P. and to Caroline for providing the pictures for our slide show of this year's All-Chester Family Reunion.
9/5/2005 Many thanks to Ray & Kathy Diggins and to Ralph Hall for sharing a "before & after" picture of the waterfalls at Chester Park. As of a few days ago, the falls have been dismantled.
9/3/2005 Folks, perhaps it has seemed a long time coming, but it's certainly well worth the wait. Dave Komarnicki has provided another of his wonderful stories about his boyhood days growing up in Chester. Get in touch with him and be sure to give him your phone number if you'd like to talk more about his latest- "Ash Wednesday". - Enjoy!
8/16/2005 Many thanks to Herb Grubb, Niceville, FL for a picture of some of the Moyamensing Juniors from the April 25, 1957 Chester Times.

Thanks also to Steve Harvey for sharing a picture of his great great grandfather, Dr. Ellwood Harvey, for whom the Harvey School (originally the Central Grammar School) was named.

8/9/2005 Many thanks to Bill Warburton, Glen Mills, PA for sharing a picture of the Chester Central Biddy Basketball Banquet, April 1961 at Lloyd A.C.
8/1-6/2005 Now complete.
About a year ago, Dave Andrews made a copy of the 1956 R. L. Polk City Directory available to us for the web site. Here's the link to the 3331 businesses from that directory. Besides the listing itself, the main interactive feature of these pages is that you can click on the street name in any listing and see a listing of businesses on that street in numerical order. You can see what else was in the neighborhood! The directory also includes listings for Brookhaven, Crum Lynne, Eddystone, Marcus Hook, Media, Parkside and Ridley Park.

It would be wonderful to also have the residential lists from perhaps one of the earlier directories but that would be a major undertaking! - Any volunteers to help key that in? Email me to let me know if you'd be willing to help and I could mail some pages to you.


7/23/2005 Robert Vaughan, a former music educator, supervisor of music and director of fine arts in the Chester-Upland School District is presently compiling information regarding students who graduated from the district and continued in the field of fine arts (music, art, drama, photography or dance). He would love to hear from you with a short resume of your study and career. He can be contacted at his home: 821 Lakeport Blvd., Leesburg, FL 34748 or by email here.
6/15/2005 Over the years, many folks who grew up in Chester in the 1930's and 1940's have recalled Officer John Kandravi, who kept a close eye on things downtown. Dave Komarnicki has mentioned him in most all of his writings. Thanks to the archives at the Delaware County Historical Society, we now have a copy of a picture of Officer Kandravi that I was able to pick up on one of my last visits.
6/13/2005 Four more Chester High classes added today - 1927, February 1928, 1928 and February 1929. We now have all graduates listed from 1875 through 1955 (plus a few more recent years) with the exception of 1934 and February 1935. Both of those classes would be in the 1934 yearbook. If anyone has that book available, please let me know.
2/28/2005 Many thanks to Edward Kosteski for sharing with us a picture of his grandparents' candy store, E. G. Anastos Candies & Fruits, 933 Edgmont Ave., taken c. 1918.
2/28/2005 Many thanks to Barb Hall, Archival Specialist at Hagley Museum & Library, Wilmington, DE, for sharing a picture taken at Baldwin Locomotive Works on May 14, 1943. Let me know if you can you help us to identify any of the men in the picture
1/4/2005 Thanks to Christopher Derrick Jr. for sharing a picture and identifying all of the members of the 1948 Lincoln Athletic Association Baseball Team, one of the Delco League teams.

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