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11/12/2007 Many thanks to Barbara Selletti for taking and sharing with us pictures of the first phase of demolition of Highland Gardens which was begun on September 25, 2007. Barbara has also shared a couple of pictures of the new drug store on the site of the old Resurrection of our Lord church.
11/12/2007 Many thanks to VaDear Rice, CHS Class of '92, for sharing some pictures of their recent reunion and congratulations to her team for planning an event that will live for many years to come in the memories of classmates who attended. Everyone who signed in on their page afterward had glowing reports of the evening!
10/17/2007 Many thanks to Paul Dougherty, Aston Twp. Historical Society, for sharing with us a picture of the 
Southern Penn Bus Company Shop Employees taken in 1949 when the new garage was dedicated.
10/15/2007 Many thanks to Caroline for taking lots of pictures to document our 2007 All-Chester Family Reunion. Here's the link to the Slide Show.
9/7/2007 Many thanks to Eleanor Nealy who some time ago sent me this picture of the North side of W. 7th St. including the State Theatre.
7/21/2007 Many thanks to Michael Raikowski for sharing two pictures from the mid-1970's - McCaffery Village and Chester West Little League.
4/24/2007 Many thanks to Michael Trasatti, Rez class of '82, for taking some time on April 3 to get into the Resurrection of Our Lord School building one last time before demolition and taking a number of pictures. In some cases, he even wrote the teacher's name on the room's blackboard. I have a slide show of his 78 pictures posted here. The building has now been completely leveled.
4/22/2007 Many thanks to Wally Wolenski, Boothwyn, PA, for providing our first photo taken around 1943 in front of the Lyric Theatre. Let me know if you can ID the lady pictured between Wally and Eddie Piela.
4/15/2007 Preliminary news is just in about a St. Michael's Class of 1957 reunion being planned for October of this year. Please check out their new page and see if you can help to locate any of their "missing" members.
4/15/2007 Many thanks to Thea Scott for sharing some pictures of the Chester High Class of '85 get together held recently at the new Chester Harrah's.
4/7/2007 Today we welcome a new sponsor for our Class Reunions pages - Thyme Catering at The Austin Room on Chichester Ave. in Boothwyn. Be sure to visit their web site and get in touch with Jan if you're planning an event for 80-250 guests for dining and dancing!
4/3/2007 Many thanks to both Desiree R and to Caroline for continuing to capture the ongoing demolition of the former Resurrection of Our Lord (Rez) / River of Life Church and surrounding buildings. This link will take you to the second page of pictures.
3/24/2007 Many thanks to Desiree R. for capturing a sad yet important milestone in Chester's history - the demolition now underway of the former Resurrection of Our Lord (Rez) / River of Life Church.
3/21/2007 Thanks to Herb Grubb for taking the time to key in a very complete listing of faculty, students, organizations, officers and even the class poem for the Smedley Jr. High Class of 1954.
3/15/2007 Many thanks to Kim J. Carroll for getting in touch to let us know about a Retirement Celebration for her dad, Chester High Coach and St. James' graduate, Joe Carroll. [Invitation]
3/1/2007 Many thanks to Barbara Usavage Montello for sharing with us a program from the Lyric Theatre from the week of 12/3/1950. (Coincidentally the same week that Ye Olde (and very humble) webmaster was making his own debut at Chester Hospital!)
2/24/2007 Often recalled here and now we finally have a picture of the MAC Theatre (9th & Walnut), thanks to Florence Smalley Knott!
1/31/2007 A few years ago William H. Crystle, 3rd shared with me his collection of files on some of Chester's major fires and tragedies. In response to an inquiry from the granddaughter of Joseph R. Wright, this morning I have posted the Chester Times' coverage of the August 27, 1955 collision of the Moyamensing and Hanley Pumpers at 5th & Edgmont. Mr. Wright was killed in that accident.
1/22/2007 Robert Bocchino has shared another vintage photo with us, the Market Square Trolley (in Market Square) from “Trolleys of Lower Delaware Valley Pennsylvania” by Paul Schieck (formerly of Brookhaven) and Harold E. Cox (formerly of Forty Fort PA).
1/19/2007 A significant milestone for us today... Thanks to former WVCH announcer, Robert Bocchino, we have our very first audio sample of Chester's history on the web site, a narrative that Bob recorded on board the "Chester" on January 28, 1974, just days before the ferry ceased operations. He has also shared 2 pictures of the "Bridgeport" midstream which are mentioned in his report. Be sure to click the "Listen" link and turn up your speakers to hear his report.
1/18/2007 Many thanks to TEAM Gibbs for sharing 2 pictures of CHS Class of '81 all-around athlete and Boxing Champion, Fredia Gibbs. In addition to her athletic accomplishments, Fredia has also appeared on television and in films!
1/18/2007 Many thanks to former WVCH announcer, Robert Bocchino, Haverford, PA for sharing a picture of Chester-Bridgeport Ferry Captain Ward Perry Moser, taken aboard in the wheelhouse just days before the ferry's last crossing. Robert also provided a scan of the ferry's time sheet and added more to our list of known WVCH announcers. 
1/18/2007 I received an interesting email a few days ago from John Reisinger, who appeared in a Ranger Joe ad in 1949. He has shared a copy of the ad as well as a current picture of himself.
1/8/2007 This morning I added a biographical sketch of Wm. Provost, Jr. from a Souvenir History of Chester published 1903 by the Board of Trade. He was certainly one of the most prominent Chester builders of the early 20th century. Many of the buildings we remember were erected by him including Chester High School, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Moyamensing Hook & Ladder, Chester Free Library, the Cambridge Building, the residences of Richard & Robert Wetherill and many other prominent residences and businesses which are listed on the page.

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