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Some current news from Chester:


Deshong Museum, Mansion & Park

The continuing story of plans for Deshong Museum, Mansion and Park from the 6/26/2003 Delaware County Daily Times.

Fire destroys Wetherill Building

This from Larry Hunter, April 2, 2002...

"The old Wetherill Building located at 6th & Upland streets burned out and down on Tuesday April 2, 2002. By the looks of the building they will probably have to demolish what is left. It was a horrendous out of control fire.

It is part of the old shipyard. It sits between Upland and Potter Sts. on 6th street. It takes up just about the whole block, to 7th Street.

The call came in around 11:00 - 11:30 AM. As soon as the dispatcher finished the dispatch, and the first Chester officer answered, the dispatcher told him the police were on location with the building fully involved in fire and smoke.

About 10 minutes later the Battalion Chief of Chester told dispatch to tap out 2nd alarm, that is when our Company [Garden City] and other surrounding Companies respond, along with the off duty Chester Firemen."

* Important Notice   - February 26, 2002 *

The congregation of First Presbyterian Church of Chester voted to dissolve our church as of April 7, 2002.  This was done with much prayer, thought, discussion, and sadness. However, with an ever declining and aging congregation we felt we had no alternative.

We would like to issue an invitation to former First Pres. members to come and worship with us on or before April 7th.  Services are at 10:00 AM.

After April 7th, The Way Through Christ Ministry will be holding services at the church.


Chester Firefighters Support FDNY


Thanks to Dave Burman, Chesterclippers@aol.com for passing along the link to this Daily Times story about the support that Chester Firefighters have been giving to the NY Firefighters and their families.


"THE WOLFE BUILDING, 3RD & MARKET, Chester, home of WVCH in the early days of the radio station, has been recently sold and is now RNCS, Inc. (Communications, Cabling, Fiber) This information has been forwarded to me by Marian, Mr. Jack Swerman's (AIA) secretary."

"Joker" Jack Chambers, jokerjak908@yahoo.com


Synygy, Inc. of Conshohocken, a developer of incentive-compensation software, has announced plans to relocate to The Wharf at Rivertown, the former Philadelphia Electric Company building.

See Erik Schwartz's story in the Delaware County Daily Times:


The Delaware County Historical Society announced the purchase of the former Southeast National Bank building at 4th St. & Avenue of the States in Chester.  This 20,000 square foot, three-story facility will serve as a museum to display the Society's collection of artifacts.

See Erik Schwartz's story in the Delaware County Daily Times:

Also Dan Hardy's report in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Luxury Limousine Service, Inc. will take over the former used car facilities of Loughead Pontiac at 11th & Edgmont Avenue.  See the full article in the January 25 Daily Times


A story that appeared in the Daily Times in December 2000 about Kimberly Clark, formerly Scott Paper Company in Chester:

12/12/2000: "Life After Chainsaw: Kimberly Clark moves forward"


If you haven't kept up with the news lately in the Daily Times, let me tell you briefly about a couple of really GOOD NEWS items recently about Chester:

1) - A developer has announced plans to redevelop the old Philadelphia Electric (PECO) station between Highland Avenue and the Barry Bridge Park.   The new complex will be known as Rivertown and is being developed by the same folks (PREI) who redeveloped the old Baldwin property on Chester Pike in Eddystone.  If it's still on their website, here's the direct link to the story:


2) - Also, Mindbridge.com has announced plans to relocate from Fort Washington to Chester's new University Technology Park at 15th & Edgmont Ave.  The "Delaware Valley" becomes "Silicone Valley East"?  They'll start with 15 employees but hope to eventually provide 150 tech jobs!  Here's the direct link to that story:


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