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Joseph Vankoski

Joseph Vankoski

Joseph Vankoski
(A biographical sketch from a Chester Times or Delaware County Daily Times newspaper clipping, "Know Your Police" from the collection of John C. "Snakes" Boyle, contributed by his granddaughters, Jane Boyle & Patty Boyle.)

A carpenter who turned policeman still enjoys working with wood in his spare time. He's Joseph Vankoski, who has been on the force since Dec. 10, 1941.

Prior to becoming a policeman Vankoski worked as a stevedore and a carpenter.

He's married to the former Jennie Jaluska and they have three children, John, 14, a Smedley Junior High student, Joseph, 9, and James, 7, both Lincoln School students. They live at 806 W. 11th st.

Vankoski, who is 43, is a graduate of Chester High School and several police schools.


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