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Lawrence (Larry) M. Blickley

Officer Lawrence (Larry) M. Blickley

Photo courtesy of his daughter, Joanne Blickley Fraser

Lawrence (Larry) M. Blickley

(An article from the Delaware County Daily Times, June 21, 1973,
Contributed by his daughter, Lisa Blickley Hallman, lhallman@voicenet.com)

Blickley joined the city police department in January 1954, during Chief Joseph Denmark's command.

Recognized immediately for his administrative talents, he was utilized originally inside the department to records and report writing before pulling an 18-month patrol stint during the mid-1950's with Al Deprisco, now a security chief at Delaware County Prison.

Soon after Eyre's election as Mayor, Larry was assigned to the Mayor's office for what was to be a temporary two-week assignment. The Mayor liked what he saw and Blickley remained with Eyre for 6 years. When Mayor Eyre was succeeded in City Hall by James H. Gorbey, now federal district court judge, Larry returned to the police department as a detective.

He functioned there as criminal records chief with the rank of sergeant. During that period he attended the Keeler Polygraph School in Chicago.

Chester two new Captains, Edward J. Mea and Lawrence M. Blickley.

Larry spent a majority of his years on the force as aide and confidant to Joseph Eyre and John H. Nacrelli.

The timeline was from 1958 to 1964.


"My father passed away on April 22, 1993. He was definitely proud to be an officer and always kept his badge on him until he passed away."

- Lisa M. (Blickley) Hallman, lhallman@voicenet.com 

(A biographical sketch from a Chester Times or Delaware County Daily Times newspaper clipping, "Know Your Police" from the collection of John C. "Snakes" Boyle, contributed by his granddaughters, Jane Boyle & Patty Boyle.)

When Lawrence Blickley, a policeman since Jan. 23, returned home from discharge in December, 1945, after 26 months in Europe, his French-born wife and young baby had to wait four months before joining him.

Blickley and the former Solange LeBlanc were married May 22, 1944, in Cambrai, Nord, France, while he was a first lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force.

Altogether Blickley served over six years in the Air Force, joining in October, 1939, as a private. From November, 1940 to November, 1942, he served in Panama and then returned to the United States before going to Europe in October, 1943.

Blickley was born in Brockton, PA, and his family moved to Chester in 1942 while he was in the service. Now his parents have moved back to Brockton, but Blickley, his wife and two daughters decided to stay in Chester. The daughters are Joanne Yvonne, 8, who was born in France and is now a student at Resurrection, and Linda Marie, 3.

Before joining the police force, Blickley, who is 35, worked for Ford Motor Co., Baldwin's, and William J. Pastuzek, the realtor.

Watching baseball and an occasional go at bowling occupy his spare time.





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