John Hill Martin Sketch

John Hill Martin, Esq.

Chester (and its Vicinity),
Delaware County in Penna.
with Genealogical Sketches of some old families
Originally Published 1877

642 Pages plus a 100-Page Index
Price: $59.95 plus 8.50 shipping

Fully indexed by
John A. Bullock III.

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Note: The page numbers correspond only with this publication,
not with Martin's original 1877 book.

This work, originally published by the author in 1877, was only published in a limited run of 500 copies. We felt that it would be more useful to genealogists and others interested in the history of the city of Chester and of Delaware County, PA if converted to electronic format, fully indexed, and made available to a wider audience.

It is an excellent reference covering events, people and places of the city of Chester, and Delaware County, as well as some references to Philadelphia and Chester County.

In browsing the index, bear in mind that if someone is mentioned only a time or two there is a very good possibility that the name appears only in a list, of which there are many in the book (elderly residents, attorneys, members of Chester Lodges, Civil War regiments, etc).  By the same token, if there are a number of references, or a number of people of the same surname, then it is probable that he has gone into some detail about the family, giving birth, marriage and death dates.

Families covered in some degree of detail include: Anderson, Baldwin, Bankson, Barnard, Beale, Gen. Edward F., Bevan, Bond, Broom, Clyde, Cochran, Cowpland, Cranston, Crosby, Deshong, Dick, Engle, Eyre, Fairlamb, Field, Flower, Graham, Grantham, Hoskins, Humes, Irwin, Jackson, Johnson, Ladomus, Leiper, Lownes, Martin, McIlvain, Mendenhall, Morton, Norris, Odenheimer, Parker, Porter, Richards, Shaw, Smith, Smith Sayres, Stacey, Taylor, Thomas, Thurlow, Truxton, Ulrich, Vernon, Willcox, Worrell.

In either case, we hope that you will find this book useful as you try to "put some flesh back onto the bones of your ancestors!"


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