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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  Nelson's Surgical Appliances 1960's: E. 9th St. (across from Larkin School)

1982: Moved to 4615 Edgmont Ave., Brookhaven

1990: 2711 Edgmont Ave., Parkside


Nelson Silberman (1940- d. 1980)

Malcolm (Mac) Silberman (son of Nelson, d. 1975)

Bob Shields (began working in 1970, owner 1980 - 1995)

Scott Luxon (1995 - Present)

1940 - Present In 1940, Nelson Silberman left his job at a drug store in Chester to begin a new business.
The primary purpose, at that time, was the fitting of trusses (supports for men with a hernia)
Nelson told me that, originally, he wanted to name the business the
"Delaware County Truss Company" but, didn't think that the bank would appreciate that.
He named the company "Nelson's Surgical Appliances"
During WWII, he worked at Westinghouse as an Inspector while his wifee, Eleanor, tended the shop.
In the 60's he bought land on 9th Street across from Larkin School and built a one story building and parking lot.
He and his son Malcolm (Mac) expanded the business to fitting body braces and supports, both in the office and in Sacred Heart, Crozer-Chester, Taylor and Riddle Hospitals as requested by most Orthopedic Physicians in the area.
At the urging of Mac, I went to work for them as a Trainee in 1970, having been previously Sales Manager for Robert L. Painter at 9th and Edgmont.
In 1975, Mac died , at the age of 38, of a massive heart attack.
In 1980, Nelson died at the age of 69.
I purchased the business from the two widows, Nancy and Eleanor.
In 1982 I moved the business to 4615 Edgmont Ave in Brookhaven.
Scott Luxon was, at that time working for me as a brace fitter.
In 1990, I purchased a building at 2711 Edgmont Ave. in Parkside where the Business is still located.
In 1995, I retired and sold the business to Scott, who is still operating it to this day.
Not many businesses that started that long ago in Chester can say that they are still operating after 63 years.

Thanks to
Bob Shields, CHS '49
  (Veterinarian) 1229 Upland St. Dr. R. G. Webster December 1899 - ?  
  Dr. I. R. Swezey 24th & Providence Ave. Dr. I. R. Swezey 1940's - 1960's "My father, Dr. I. R. Swezey, was the original vet at 24th and Providence. Built in the late 40's, I believe, my brother Jon and I grew up there until the mid 60's when it was sold. Down 24th st. the was also another vet across from Wetherill School, don't remember his name!!

Thanks to
Tim Swezey




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