Crozer Home for Incurables
Crozer Hospital

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Crozer Hospital & Crozer Home for Incurables; Picture courtesy of Barry Durham




Mary A. Smith, R.N. (before 1949)
Dr. John T. Bennett (1949)
History The following historical sketch is from the Chester Times Yearbook and Almanac of Delaware County, PA 1929:

"By his will, J. Lewis Crozer, of Upland, left $500,000 for the building and endowment of a Home for Incurables and a Homeopathic Hospital.

"Both buildings were erected by Mrs. J. Lewis Crozer, at her own expense, thereby leaving the bequest of $500,000 of her husband intact as an endowment fund.  The home was opened April 23, 1900.  The hospital was erected in 1903.  Miss Mary A. Collett, is superintendent.

"The buildings and grounds emphasize an expenditure of $240,000.  The total number of beds is 85.

"Officers of the Board of Directors: Mrs. Robert Wetherill, president; Miss Isabelle Carroll, secretary, James C. Baker, treasurer."

Among the founders of Crozer Hospital was Dr. Charles Rowland.


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