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William Eyre, Jr.

William Eyre, Jr.

(A biographical sketch taken from One Hundred Years, The Delaware County National Bank Chester, PA 1814-1914)

Years in parentheses are years of service as a Director of The Bank of Delaware County and/or The Delaware County National Bank

William Eyre, Jr. (1845, 1849, 52-55, 1858, 61-63), son of Jonas and Susanna (Pusey) Eyre, was born at Chester, April 25, 1807. He was educated at the noted school conducted by Samuel Gummere, at Bordentown, N. J. In 1828, he and his brother, Joshua P. Eyre, formed a copartnership in the lumber and coal business in Chester, the firm being J. P. & W. Eyre. In addition, they ran a tri-weekly packet, the Jonas Preston, between Chester and Philadelphia, carrying passengers and freight between the points named.

He was one of the organizers of the Delaware County Mutual Insurance Company and was president of that corporation from 1842 to 1844, when he declined re-election and was chosen vice president, serving in that capacity from 1844 to 1846. He was a director of the company from 1840 to March, 1863, consecutively. In 1840, he was appointed County Treasurer, to fill the unexpired term of his uncle, William Eyre. In 1847, he retired from business with an ample competency. He died in Chester, March 6, 1863, aged 55 years.






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