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James M. Ettner

James M. Ettner

James M. Ettner

(A biographical sketch from a Chester Times or Delaware County Daily Times newspaper clipping, "Know Your Police" from the collection of John C. "Snakes" Boyle, contributed by his granddaughters, Jane Boyle & Patty Boyle.)

A former major league baseball player on the Chester police force now spends his spare time managing local ball teams and occasionally taking a turn at bat.

He's James M. Ettner who played in the St. Louis Cardinals' outfield during 1937, '38 and '39. Now he's managing the El Rancho sportsman's club team in the Delco Valley League.

Born in Danville, PA, Dec. 31, 1918, Ettner graduated from Chester High School in 1938.

He served for 37 months in U.S. Navy aviation ordnance, spending most of his time in Brazil.

He was appointed to the police force in April, 1946 and last year served in the detective bureau before returning to prowl car duty.

He's married to the former Mae Frame and they have two children, Patricia, 8, a student at St. Rose of Lima parochial school, and Kathleen, 4 1/2. His mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Ettner, lives with the family at 1102 Brown St.

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