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Alfred DePrisco

Alfred DePrisco; Photo courtesy of Helen Tracey

Alfred DePrisco

Photo courtesy of Helen Tracey

Alfred DePrisco

(A biographical sketch from a Chester Times or Delaware County Daily Times newspaper clipping, "Know Your Police" from the collection of John C. "Snakes" Boyle, contributed by his granddaughters, Jane Boyle & Patty Boyle.)

Patrolman Alfred DePrisco was a member of the Chester Police Department's pistol team which won a cup in the 1951 match of the Eastern Pennsylvania Police League in Lower Merion. Marksmanship is still his hobby.

He's been a policeman since February 15, 1943, and is now assigned to prowl car duty. Prior to that he worked at the Ford Motor Co. for 13 years.

Born and raised in Chester, he attended public schools here.

He's married to the former Nancy Carducci, and they have two children, Alfred, 14, a St. Robert's student, and Arlene Frances, 3. They live at 2304 Upland St.


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