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Washington Park

Park History  |  Recollections

Park History:

Recollections: "I remember Washington Park.. I remember my sisters competing in the "Miss Washington Park contest.." ...Denise won "Miss Lovely Hair".... the merry go round... and the snow sledding in the winter... better than any amusement park I have ever been to, you could sled forever... the rope swing down at the creek.. building forts and the white mountains... all the kids... we had so many guys in the Sun Hill neighborhood .. you could always find something going on outside.. baseball ...basketball .. I had to wait in line for ... was never good enough to get in many games back then... football... anything... going down to ed & jerrys.. Harvey the milkman... halloween night.. the candy!!!... the waterice man... happy the waterice man... anybody that came from those days.. how lucky we were... to all the dudes from those days.... Steve Muscella, his brother, Freddie,. Jimmy Merritt, Eddie Hall, John Shallit, Chester East Little League,, Tommy Fibbs,. the Pendergast boys,. Happy the paper boy, the Rhoades, Conellys, Hess, Anderson, Batenerri,. Chucky Mucker, Wontroba, Kasarsky's, Timmy Hughes, Vince Inserella, Steve Harris,.., the new homes... remember the year the plane crashed on the PMC field on 16th and Melrose?... snowball fights with the cadets... Steve Nasko... Casey Hellings... riding our bikes all over the place ... some of the best pick up games ever.... hopefully someday there will be a chance to get together again..."

- Pete Romano 

"As a lad in the 50's, Washington Park was the place to be in the summer. Box hockey and potholder weaving along with whistle holders made from gimp were just some of neat things we did. They actually had volunteers to help with the daily crafts, something that's sorely lacking these days. As I grew older I spent summer days and evenings playing basketball at the tarmac court w/ 11 ft. rims and chainlink nets. "Those were the days my friends.we thought they'd never end."

- John Rhoads

"As a boy in 1975, Washington Park was the place kids went to for the summer program and hot lunches!  We always hoped they served ice cream too.  Box hockey was the activity of the day, every day."

David McGinley




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