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Sun Village Park


Park History: "I thought some people should know the history of the park. It was a field for many years.

My father, Bobby Boyle, along with the help of other men and women that helped run the Sun Village boys club, and the Sun Village sports club, fought and ran a campaign with the city of Chester. Some of the people I remember that went out to help get that park, were my Dad, Ralph "Woody" Woodrow, Eddie Dodds Sr., Joe Laferty, Chappy Chapman, Joe Fields, Joe Phillips, John Barone. I know there are a few more I may be missing, so I'm sorry for that.

These men put a lot of time into the boys club, ran trips, opened up the boys club for the kids to have somewhere to go and not hang out on the streets. My dad did a lot of politicking for that park. By the time the park was completed, there were hot lunches being served there everyday to anyone in the village who lived there, there were people there doing crafts, and playing basketball with the kids, or other games. The park also was for the people on 9th Street, which wasn't considered Sun Village, but it was a park for the people. I am not sure the lunch program still works, I think years ago it was cut out due to budgeting for the city programs.

My dad also had tried to have this park called the "Eddie Dodds memorial park", since Eddie was known by all and had helped out so much with both clubs. For other reasons, it was not named at all; but Sun Village park to me, when I see it, I think of everything my dad put himself on the line for, for asking the city to do this project, that still exists today, and I'm very proud of it. When I see it, I think of all the villagers, parents and kids that enjoyed the park then, and now. I know my dad, Woody, Eddie and Joe and Chappy, are looking down on it still.

Anyone who I missed, please write in, I love to remember all the folks."

- Thanks to Patty Boyle, bish99@earthlink.net 




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