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Memorial Park

6th & Engle Streets

Park History | Recollections


Park History: From the 1949 Chester Times Year Book:

"In August 1947, Chester City Council passed an ordinance to purchase the land bounded by Engle and Ward sts, Ninth St. and the Pennsylvania Railroad, for the establishment of Veterans' Memorial Park and Recreation Field."

Recollections: "I lived in the West end of Chester on 7th St. between Highland and Hayes in the 60's until the early 80's. I also remember the park an awful lot. Riding my bike down the 5 hills and in the winter time riding my sleigh down them. Having picnics on the grass when we also weren't "fisning' in the steams for tadpoles during our adventures. Back then all we worried about was being a kid. I have very fond memories of growing up in Chester that I hope will never leave me."

- Zwg476@aol.com 

"I remember Veterans' Memorial Park near 9th and Ward St. on the West side.  In the park there was a creek where we as children used to see snails under rocks and crayfish swimming about around 1960!:) We called these mud bugs CRAYFISH instead of CRAWFISH like in Louisiana!:)  I remember the streets flooded and the creek was like a small river during a flood which occurred during the early summer of 1960 also. The creek was an off shoot of the Delaware River, about 10 blocks south.  Also remember the PECO electric generator building looking southward.  Sacred Heart Hospital, across from the Northwest end of the park was new, or still being built! ... The park also had a ball playing area with a fence and steps leading from 9th St. downward since the park was built on a decline.  Also there was a pavilion where girls made potholders and keychains with the help of Chester Dept. of Recreation workers.  There was also a wooden, you-push-it merry go round at the East end of the park!:)"

- Fran Farrar, Fran24331@aol.com




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