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"The Women's Zionist Organization of America"

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Former Presidents: Mrs. Fannie Dubois
Mrs. Joseph Gershenfeld
Mrs. Joseph Godick
Mrs. Sidney Gravitz
Mrs. Rose Grotsky
Mrs. Martin Huberman
Mrs. Arthur Klein
Mrs. Joseph Koffs
Mrs. Isaac Levy
Mrs. Benjamin Schwartz
Mrs. Edward Tabak
Mrs. Sophie Zucker

History: Many thanks to Michael Muderick, CongOhev@ICDC.Com, Executive Director of Congregation Ohev Shalom for making the following history available to us from the Ohev Sholom Synagogue Dedication Book prepared in 1965.

"Israel is no longer in idea; it is a living, vibrating modern nation, a Jewish nation. The Jewish people outside of Israel and the Jewish people who live in Israel must have personal, social and intellectual contact. This is what Zionism means in action. This is what Hadassah makes possible through all its projects, through all its programs for all its members and their children. That Hadassah families represent almost a quarter of all the Jews in the United Sates is a tribute to the vigor and validity of its purpose.

"In retrospect, Chester Chapter feels proud and privileged to have contributed materially, intellectually and spiritually to its own community and, in no small measure to the Jewish nation; thus striving to fulfill its responsibility toward this ongoing Jewish Peoplehood."

Hadassah-At-A-Glance The following information is taken from "Hadassah-At-A-Glance", published by the Hadassah of Greater Philadelphia:

What is Hadassah?

Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America, Inc. is the largest women's and the largest Jewish membership organization in the United States. It addresses the needs of women of all ages.

Partnerships with Israel

Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO)

Our members help to fund two hospitals, five schools, outpatient clinics, research facilities, a community health care and Mother-Child center. Hadassah offers expert treatment to more than half a million each year and sends medical teams and supplies to countries in crisis.

Hadassah College of Technology
Hadassah Career Counseling Institute

Through local fund raising our members help students at the Hadassah College of Technology and the Career Counseling Institute in Jerusalem prepare for productive careers in fields such as computer science, optometry, dental technology, and hotel management.

Youth Aliyah

Annual local events help sponsor Youth Aliyah, which helps disadvantaged native Israelis and young immigrants to adopt to Israeli life.

Young Judaea

Through clubs, camps and Israel programs, Young Judaea involves American Jewish youth in a fun-filled educational experience geared towards the development of a strong Jewish identity and an appreciation of our Jewish heritage and Israel.

Jewish National Fund (JNF)

Since 1926, Hadassah has worked hand-in-hand with the Jewish National Fund to transform barren land in Israel into welcoming acres for farming, housing, industry and recreation.

American Agenda

Women's Health Issues
Breast Cancer Awareness

This campaign has educated hundreds of thousands of women about breast self examination, mammography screening and proper breast health care. The "Check It Out" program educates young adults about early detection.

Act Against Osteoporosis

Hadassah has responded with the educational campaign "Act Against Osteoporosis." Through our local Hadassah groups we are spreading the word that Osteoporosis is a concern for people of all ages.


Hadassah women are helping children in grades 2-6 improve their reading and writing skills through the Read*Write*Now tutoring program.

Study Groups

Hadassah has published numerous study guides for use by individuals and groups.

Training Wheels & Wheeling On

A fun Jewish holiday intergenerational family program! Hadassah is teaching parents (and grandparents) and their young children how to celebrate Shabbat and the Jewish holidays.

Ivrit L' Hadassah

Hadassah's Hebrew Studies program offers conversational Hebrew language study in local communities.

Leadership Development and Training

These programs ensure current and future leadership for Hadassah and the Jewish community.

Social Action and Advocacy Issues

Act Against Domestic Violence
Protect the Environment
Preserve the First Amendment
Prevent Genetics-Based Insurance Discrimination
Protect Reproductive Freedom
Condemn Hate Crimes
Maintain U.S. Aid to Israel
Encourage Organ and Tissue Donation
Promote Healthy Hearts

For further information, contact:

Hadassah of Greater Philadelphia
1518 Walnut St., Suite 1518
Philadelphia, PA 19102-3419
Phone: 215-732-7100  Fax: 215-732-7245
Email: bigchapter.philadelphia@hadassah.org 


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