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The Chester City Safeguards

"Since the termination of the Rebellion and the emancipation of the slaves of the Southern States, Chester has become the residence of a very large number of the colored race. On the 1st of July, 1870, a number of the colored citizens held a meeting and effected a military organization, to which they gave the name of "Chester City Safeguards." The following have been the Commissioned officers of the company since its formation, viz.:

"The company consists of 84 noncommissioned officers and privates."

Chester (and its Vicinity,) Delaware County in PA – Published 1877 – John Hill Martin, Esq.
fully indexed by John A. Bullock III., Graphic Details Publications




Andrew Johnson

July 22, 1870

Isaac Colwell

July 11, 1871

Isaac Emory

May 15, 1872


First Lieutenants


Isaac B. Colwell

July 22, 1870

David Hull

Mar. 16, 1871


Second Lieutenants


David Hull

July 22, 1870

Benjamin Reed

March 16, 1871

Unfortunately, Martin does not list the other members of this organization.  If you can contribute any more on the Chester City Safeguards, please contact us: john@oldchesterpa.com

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