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Mickey Vernon



Mickey Vernon

Many thanks to James Edward David Ashby, JEDA_88@hotmail.com, for the following:

I found the below piece to be an interesting insight on a fellow Hook native, Mickey Vernon. It came from the book Maybe I'll Pitch Forever by LeRoy (Satchel) Paige and David Lipman (1961, P 218):

But I didn't know everything and whenever I needed help, Ned [Garver, St. Louis Browns teammate] was right there. I used to go ask him about Mickey Vernon, the first baseman. Now I've faced the best in the whole world just about, but I never could get Mickey out. He almost killed me every time he hit against me. Before every game I pitched against him, when he was playing for Washington, I used to go up to Ned to see if he'd heard anything new about Mickey.

"What should I throw him?" I asked Ned.

"Maybe you ought to try keeping the ball away from him."

"I did that the last time. It didn't work. You know what, if Washington gets the bases loaded against me and I got a two-run lead, I think I'll just walk that man and save myself a lot of headaches."




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