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F. Herman Fritz

F. Herman Fritz; Photo from the 1932 Chester Times Year Book

F. Herman Fritz
Photo from the 1932 Chester Times Year Book

F. Herman Fritz

(A brief biographical sketch contributed by Lee Bennington, RLBenni@netscape.net

"I went through the Chester School system from September 1933 to June 1941. During that entire period the Superintendent of schools was F. Herman Fritz.  

"The Fritz family lived at 4th and Engle Sts. only two blocks from my home and I started first grade at Horace Mann School with his son. Mrs Fritz was also a school teacher somewhere in the city.

"His son, Freddy, was immediately moved to a higher grade and eventually was graduated from elementary school in five years ...or less! He moved through high school on a equally fast track. The Chester Times ran an article on him at graduation time because he had been accepted at college at an unusually young age.





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