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Edward Joseph Cartain


Edward Joseph Cartain

(A biographical sketch contributed by CWJWWW@aol.com):

Edward Joseph Cartain - born Jan.28,1903 in Salford, England. He was the School Boy swimming Champ of England in 1917. He swam an exhibition swim against Johnnie Weismuller and won.

He married Julia O'Grady of Westport, County Mayo, Ireland in Salford, in 1920. He immigrated to the United States in 1926 followed 2 years later by his wife and daugther, Julia. He was also the father of Catherine [1929-1938] and Marie.

In 1932 he was awarded the Carnegie Medal for saving the life of Viola Rivers, whose husband was the captain of the US Bidwell which exploded and caught fire while docked at the Sinclair Oil Refinery in Trainer, Pa.

He also helped save lives when the gang plank collapsed on the Wilson Liner going to Riverview Beach, N.J. He was active in the building of the Resurrection of Our Lord Church. He was also one of the starting members of Oilers Workers Union at Sinclair.

He died at Wallingford Nursing home Aug. 25, 1975. 





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