Daniel Wood Shoe Store
141 3rd St.; Spring 1885

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Daniel Wood Store; Photo courtesy of Mary Jane Burn

"Jane Wood, J.William Wood age 5 and L. Jeanette Wood age 7. We noticed that Jane's apron is riding a little high and think she is expecting the next child.

I have the Wood history written by Peg Burn Taylor.  The story tells of a sea sick voyage for Jane and her 2 little sons that died in this country. Peg was L. Jeanette's daughter born in 1902.

I have photos of Jane's father and mother, also Daniel's parents. These parents remained in England.

There is a lovely photo on glass of a young woman in a very decorative dress. She has a hint of blush. We would love to ID her."

-Mary Jane Burn


Photo courtesy of Mary Jane Burn, mjburn@gva.net

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