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St. John A.U.M.P. Church

711 Avenue of the States
Chester, PA 19013-6023
St. John AUMP Church; Photo  June 21, 2006 John A. Bullock, Graphic Details Publications
Photo June 21, 2006 John A. Bullock, Graphic Details Publications

Phone: (610) 872-7265

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c. 1906
Copy of photo from Home Directory of the Colored People of Chester, 1906 compiled by Lawrence L. Barrett & C. I. Wilson, available at DCHS.

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Former Pastors: Organized & built by the Rev. E. H. Chippey

Rev. Moses Chippey
Rev. Benj. Scott
Rev. J. H. Nicholas
Rev. T. B. Scott
Rev. I. B. Cooper
Rev. C. S. Temple
Rev. Thomas Skinner (? - 1901 - ?)
Rev. S. L. Nichols (? - 1906 - ?)

Rev. S. L. Nichols

Rev. & Mrs. Jonathan O. Stewart (present 2003)

Church History: Founded in 1874 by the Rev. Edward A. Chippey.

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St. John A.U.M.P. church now makes its home in the former St. Michael's church building.


The following brief History of St. John's A.U.M.P. Church is taken from the Home Directory of the Colored People of Chester, 1906 compiled by Lawrence L. Barrett & C. I. Wilson. This reference is available at the DCHS research library.

The above named church is located on Seventeenth street, above Walnut street, and was organized and built by the late Rev. E. H. Chippey, of WIlmington, Del., in the year 1874.

A short while prior to that year, a committee, consisting of Rev. E. H. Chippey and Brethren Isaiah Peck and S. L. Nichols, as secretary (the last named now the pastor of the church) was sent from the parent church in Wilmington, Del., to select a site, purchase material and make all necessary arrangements.

The first board of trustees included the names of the following well-known men of that day, some of whom still survive: William Sturgis, Benjamin Williams, Senaca Allison, Charles Walker, Purgeon Wilson, William Caulk and George Hinson.

The new church, with a membership of 35 persons, continued to grow in membership and strength, the original building being replaced by the large and commodious church now in use, which was rebuilt in 1901, under the pastorate of Rev. Thomas Skinner, before whose time the late Rev. C. S. Temple was pastor for a number of years.

Under the wise and practical management of the present pastor, Rev. S. L. Nichols, the church has an excellent influence in the locality, and is gaining in membership and material growth. Other pastors were: Revs. Moses Chippey, Benj. Scott, J. H. Nicholas, T. B. Scott and I. B. Cooper


Board of Trustees - Enoch Buck, Thomas Jones, Stephen Bishop, Henry Derry, Elias Johns, William Laws, Benjamin White, William Morgan, John Neal.

Board of Stewards - Thomas Jones, James Berry, Purnell Johnson

Stewardesses - Hester Bishop, chairman; Eva Laws, secretary

Sunday School - Benjamin White, Superintendent; Mary A. Temple, Secretary

Daughters in Conference - Kate Hopkins, chairman; Ida Jones, secretary

Home Mite Missionary - Bertha Temple, chairman; Augusta Royal, secretary

Busy Workers - Mamie Gleeves, chairman; Olivia Buck, secretary

Spencer League Christian Endeavor - Katie Hopkins, chairman; Sarah Hatfield, vice chairman; Lillian Hatfield, secretary

Soldiers of the Cross - Kate Hopkins, chairman; Henry Derry, secretary

Young People's Social Club - Emma Johnson, chairman; Alice Johnson, secretary

Star of Hope Club - Mary A. Temple, chairman; Estella Hatfield, sec.

2000, 2003 John A. Bullock III.

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