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Christ Tabernacle

14 South Morton Avenue
Morton, PA 19070

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Our primary services are Sunday School 9:00 AM, Worship 10:00,
Prayer & Bible Study Wednesday 7:00-9:00

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Former Pastors: Rev. Eric Nichols (Present 2007)
Church History: Many thanks to the Rev. Eric Nichols for providing this history of the church in October 2003:

Christ Tabernacle is a nondenominational church, which was birthed 5 1/2 years ago in the living room of it's pastor, Rev. Eric Nichols. Christ Tabernacle for the first two years of it's existence it did not have a place to call home. However, in July 2000, Christ Tabernacle purchased its existing place of worship, located at 107 Flower Street. In just 3 short years burned its mortgage. 

Christ Tabernacle has a holistic approach towards ministry. Preaching and teaching the Word of God so that it does not just heal the sickness of sin, but also the hurts and the issues of life. We believe in helping people live a victorious life in Christ, through the help of the Holy Spirit and the application of the unadulterated Word of God. 

We believing in fathering our members, therefore, we raise them up from infancy to glory on the Word of God. This is accomplished through our Sunday School Classes, our weekly Bible Study Class, New Convert Class, Stewardship & Leadership Classes, Men & Women Fellowship as well. 

We also believe that man was created to fellowship with God and not just serve Him. This is reflected in our Worship Service. That's exactly what it is, worship, because we believe that worship focuses on the person of God, and not just on His abilities, and provision. We strive to know the nature and character of God through our experience, prayer life, His Word, His Presence, and even in His creation. 

The church was formerly located at 107 Flower St., Chester, PA

2003, 2007 John A. Bullock III.

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