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Brookhaven Cemetery

Listing of interments as submitted by visitors to the website

Brookhaven Cemetery; Photo couresty of Jack Chambers, Aston, PA

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ID Last Name First Name Middle Name Section Lot Grave Date of Death Place of Death Funeral Director Birth Birthplace Residence Church Military Enlisted Discharged Education Occupation Organizations Hobbies / Activities Parents Spouse Spouse Died Date Married Where Married Notes Source Relationship
8 Cohen Harry         1932 Chester   1894 Harrisburg, PA Chester   Navy WW1 minesweeper     Penn State Petroleum Engineer     Max Cohen Sarah Lebidine 1984 191? Chester      
6 Cohen Louis H.       May 15, 1935 Philadelphia   Jan 19, 1900 Osceola, Arkansas 4263 E. River Dr. Philly           Clerk     Aaron Cohen/Anna Goldstein Anna Wolff Sep 22, 1937       Gary Loeb Distant Cousin
2 cotgrave                                                      
5 Ivins Fannie Leibman       Nov. 1988 Philadelphia, PA     Polonne, Ukraine   Jewish         mother, grandmother, great grandmother B'nai Brith, Hadassa, Sisterhood   Michael & Sara Rachel Sam 1957   Philadelphia, PA   Jesse Ivins-Upchurch grand daughter
4 Ivins Sam         1957 Chester, PA     Ukraine   Ohev Shalom, Jewish         real estate       Fannie 1988   Philadelphia   Jesse Ivins-Upchurch grand daughter
7 Kaplan Sarah Lebidine (Cohen)       September 1984 Media, PA   Sept 4, 1899 Ukraine Philadelphia           Clothing Store Owner Hadassah, etc.   Abraham Lebidinsky Harry Cohen/Isadore Kaplan 1932/1960 191?/195? Chester/Philadelphia Owned Hollywood Shop 1932 to 1961 Michael Hendler grandson
1 Testing Testing         Test                                     This entry is a test only to be sure that the page is working properly. John Bullock  
3 wilson                                                      

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2003 John A. Bullock III.

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