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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  Blue Line Transfer Co. 3rd & Broomall St.      
  Ewing's Transfer 12th & Hyatt St.   ? - 1965 - ?  
  G.C. Lane Movers 3rd & Hinkson St.

TR 2-5445

Bill Lane    
  Klose Brothers, Inc. 128 E 3rd St.   ? - 1965 - ?  
  James C. Logan Mover / Storage, Inc.

(Now an agent for United Van Lines)

1124 Chestnut St. (below 12th)

(between Rose St. & Dupont St.)

James (Jim) C. Logan

James C. Logan, Jr.
(d. 4/4/2009)

1938 - Present Thanks to
Dave Gluck

"The family business (James C. Logan Mover / Storage Inc.) now United Van Lines, is still there on Chestnut Street. My Father, James Sr., started the business in 1938 at his home on Hancock St. in Sun Village. He also operated the Gas Station down the street on Morton Ave."

Thanks to
Linda "Chesterite Child"
Kennett Square, PA

  Quinby's Express 101 Engle St.


  Story's Express Company, Inc.     ? - 1917 - ? "Heavy hauling & expressage"

Thanks to their ad in the 1917 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE




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