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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  H. P. Bartow 612 New Market St.   ? - 1915-1917 - ? Thanks to their ads in the 1915, 1916 & 1917 Chester High annuals, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
  Chester Multi-Copy Service 160 E 7th St.   ? - 1965 - ?  
  Downham Press E. 4th St. at Crosby St.

1960's moved to:

W. 9th St.

Jack Downham

Other known employees:

Mary Stankus
Peter Stankus

- 1960's - Jack Chambers remembers a printing company at this location [E 4th St. at Crosby St.] - can anyone else help with the name?

Thanks to Bernadette Grovola Bennett,
Beethoven2401@cs.com, we have the answer:

"One of the printing companies in Chester which you mention was Downham Press.
Originally, it was located across from the railroad tracks on 4th & Crosby St.   That is the printing company about which you requested more information. Later in the 60's they moved to 9th Street near Edgmont.  My aunt and uncle, Peter and Mary Stankus, worked for that company for many years and Jack Downham was a good friend of theirs.  So, to answer your question, the printing company on 4th St. is the same company that was on 9th Street."

edgmont_1100_block_sanbe.jpg (24289 bytes)
1100 Block Edgmont Ave.
Photo courtesy of Alfonso Sanbe

Jack M. Dugan Typewriters 1143 Edgmont Ave.     "This was my step grandfather's business."

Thanks to
Gloria Kriegh,

  Walter Duncan 625 Edgmont Ave.   ? - 1915 - 1917 - ? "Stationery, books, announcements, etc."

Thanks to their ads in the 1915 & 1917 Chester High annuals, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE

  Evans Print Shop 129 E. 21st St. (Rear) Later run by his son and later still bought out by Charles J. Tucker and made a division of Accutype Composition.    
  Grieco-Miller Printing Co. E. 7th St. above Sproul Joe Grieco - 1960's - Thanks to "Ralph Grieco's niece, Joe Grieco's niece of Grieco-Miller Printing Co. and  my dad George Grieco , The Needler."
Gerry (Grieco) McClurg

clubs_italian.jpg (36345 bytes)

Wilbur Kriebel E. 4th St. at Crosby St. Wilbur Kriebel   Thanks to Jack Chambers
  Office Supply Co. 513 Edgmont Ave.


  - 1966 -  
  Sandrose Trophies 9th & Sproul Streets 2002:

Jason Allen
Mitchell Allen
Bob Allen
Mike D'Esposito

1953-Present "Awards of distinction since 1953; trophies, plaques, T-shirts and specialty items."
  R. John Shoemaker 11th & Madison St. R. John Shoemaker ? - 1902 - ? Was also Alderman of the 4th Ward

business_printing_spencer.jpg (155940 bytes)
John Spencer, Inc. - W. 8th St.

Spencer's Printing & Engraving 7th St.

8th St.

  ? - 1916 - ? Thanks to their ad in the 1916 Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE


Spencer's Stationery 523 Avenue of the States


Richard R. Spencer


Owen H. Spencer (retired 1953)

1899 - ?  
  John Ward - ? -   Early 1900's, 1920's?, 1930's? "My greatgrandfather was a printer in Chester, Pa in the early 1900's maybe the 20's or 30's. His name was John Ward and his family lived on Packer Street. I have a small hand bound journal of his and a cigar die that he also used for printing cigar box lids. I am not sure where his shop was. Thus my finding your site as I would like to know more about him. My grandfather Samuel B Ward grew up in Chester and worked for I B Thomas, I believe, as a chemist. He lived most of his life in Mickleton,NJ. That is where I am originally from, the town of Clarksboro.

Thanks to
Larry Ward,





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