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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  Buten Paint Store 624 Edgmont Ave. Lou J. Warfel, manager for 21 years    
  W. C. Hannum 159 E 7th St.   ? - 1937 - ? "Painting, Decorating, Floor Work, Paperhanging" according to their ad in the June 1937 Southern Penn Bus Schedule Book, courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters
  Imperial Painters, Inc. 403 Market St.   ? - 1965 - ? Painting Contractors
  Guy C. Long, Inc. Plastering 907 Morton Ave. Robert L. Long
James T. Long
? - 1965 - ?  
  MAB (M.A. Bruder) Paint Store        

business_paint_national_wallpaper.jpg (15679 bytes)
Lee Gordon's daughter, Harriet, taken at the National Wallpaper & Paint Store c. 1948

family_gordon_lou_1956.jpg (20397 bytes)
The Lee Gordon family at home on E. 21st St. c. 1956

Photos courtesy of Jerry Gordon

National Wallpaper & Paint Store 343 W. 7th St. Lee Gordon mid 1940's - mid 1960's "That business was started by my Dad, Lee Gordon, somewhere in the mid 1940s and stayed open till the mid-60s until it became too dangerous for my father to operate any more. It was a great place where so many of the great people of Chester came through. As a kid, I was thrilled that Danny Murtaugh and Mickey Vernon were customers of my Dad's, as well as Al Alberts. It was a great time. I remember eating at the State Restaurant every Friday and shopping downtown with my mother at Spears and Weinbergs. I'll never forget when JFK campaigned in Chester before the election --Wow!

Thanks to
Jerry Gordon

  Nothnagle & Roser   Edward Nothnagle [Biography]   Painting Contractors




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