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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  Bilmar Industrial Products W. 6th St. between Highland & Hayes Joe Marchlik
Bill Bridge


John Marchlik

c. 1961 - Present "Bilmar Industrial Products, started about 1961 by my grandfather Joe Marchlik and partner Bill Bridge, the "Bil-" in "Bilmar". Joe formerly worked for John Bridge & Sons. My uncle John Marchlik still runs it at its original location on West 6th St., between Highland & Hayes."

Thanks to:
Karen Fedena Hanson 

  John Bridge Sons, Inc. 9th & Pennell St.


Gary Watkins 1880 - Present (2006) "My name is Gary Watkins owner and great grandson of John Bridge Sons Inc. The company established in 1880 and still operating today at the Pennell Street location.

Originally a manufacture of Leather products now target the industrial mechanical power transmission and material handling business."

Thanks to
Gary Watkins, owner

  Fisher Tank 4th & Booth St. Joseph B. Fisher, founder (d. 12/11/2004)

Some known employees:

Richard (Dick) Lyons, truck driver, (1970-1998)

1948 - Present "My Dad was a truck driver there for 30 yrs. I think they are just a steel industry now. I know they have a welding dept. and they are all about steel to build the tanks (like at Sun). After my Dad retired 4 yrs ago, they did away with the truck drivers."

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Tracy Lyons Kline,




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