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Picture Business Name Location Owner/Operator Dates of Operation Comments:
  E. M. Bartow 317 Market St.   ? - 1917 - ? Thanks to their ad in a Chester High annual, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
    1805 W. 3rd St. Harry E. Bloom - 1912 - Cut Flowers & Plants
  The Flower Shop 7th St.

(Opposite Washburn Theatre)

  ? - 1915, 1916 - ? Thanks to their ads in the 1915 & 1916 Chester High annuals, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
  Hart's Flower Shop Phone 1212   ? - 1917, 1918 - ? Thanks to their ads in Chester High annuals, courtesy of Janet Andrews Moulder, Wilmington, DE
  Lupton & Stevens 825 Edgmont Ave.   ? - 1941 - ? "Flowers for all occasions"
From their ad in the 1941 Chester High Yearbook.
  Messemer's Welsh St. Wallace H. Wilson   Thanks to Fred Ramont, nephew,
  Minutella's (5) 4126 Edgmont Ave., Brookhaven   1946 - Present [Editor's Note]:
Minutellas is currently located at 4126 Edgmont Ave., Brookhaven
(610) 876-0363

Formerly located in Chester.

  Molla's 3rd St. Julia Molla ? - 1950's - ? Thanks to Flojac1429@aol.com


"Molla's Florist on 3rd St in Chester, PA was owned and run by Julia Molla. Our family were friends with the Molla family. Julia Molla's son Anthony ran a funeral parlor in Chester."

Thanks to
Tony Casciato

  Mueller's 3rd St. between Penn & Concord Margaret & Ruth Mueller ?- 1954, 1955 - ? "I worked for Muellers florist on third street between penn & concord in 1955 & 54...
Muellers was one of the busyist florist in Chester. The owners were Margaret and Ruth Mueller."

Thanks to Flojac1429@aol.com
  Palmer's Florist 515 Welsh St.   ? - 1937 - ? "Bonded member FTD" according to their ad in the June 1937 Southern Penn Bus Schedule Book, courtesy of
Terry Redden Peters
  Irene Renda's Flower Shop 3rd St. between Highland Ave. & Thurlow St.      

J. F. Scallan Florist & Greenhouse

1503 Edgmont Ave. (15th & Edgmont)


David Wilson (late 1890's)

Joe Scallan (d. 1970)

Jim & Rod Scallan (sons of Joe)

Jim & Joe Scallan (grandsons of Joe)

Late 1890's - May 1998 "My grandfather Joe, started working it in 1909 when he was 20 years old. Prior to that GrandPop worked his teenage years in the greenhouse, part time, for a Mr. David Wilson. He was the florist who originally built the first building & greenhouse in the late 1890's. Wilson ran the shop a short time and then abandoned the operation. Joe approached the bank holding the mortgage and stayed working the shop until his passing in 1970. His sons Jim & Rod and then grandsons Jim & Joe worked in the business until it's recent closing in May 1998. For us this truly represents Old Chester and three generations of great memories."

Thanks to
Joseph F. Scallan II 
  Stevens' Florist 9th St. not too far below Trinity UMC  - 900-1200 block W. 9th (?) Alfred Chester (Ches) Stevens
Jack Stevens
  "Ches's son, Fred
(Alfred) Stevens would have much info related to this successful business.  It was always assumed that Stevens'
Florists were the first to make popular the custom of putting floral coverings on graves at Christmastime.  Later, the Stevens gave a great deal of aid and advice to the fledgling florist, Callaways, which is now located on Dutton's Mill Road in Brookhaven. The families still keep in

Thanks to Ralph L. Hall, walf1947@juno.com

  Talarico's (5)       [Editor's Note]:
Tallarico's is currently located at 2600 Edgmont Ave., Parkside
(610) 874-5391
  Tumalo Florist 800 block of Morton Ave.     "When I got married we bought our flowers at Tumalo Florist in about the 800 block of Morton Avenue"

Thanks to Pat,

  G. W. Wakling Sons Co. 527 Highland Ave., NE corner


  c. 11/1966  




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